You won’t believe it but Neil the baby from Gavin & Stacey is now 10 YEARS OLD

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The little boy who played Neil the Baby on the Christmas Special of Gavin and Stacey just celebrated his 10th birthday - and we're feeling old

We're not quite sure how an entire DECADE has passed since Gavin and Stacey was on the telly, but it has somehow.

Of course, it was one of the most popular shows on TV, gracing our screens between 2007-2010 and featuring the likes of James Corden as Smithy, Ruth Jones as Nessa, Matthew Horne as Gavin and Joanna Page as Stacey.

But the real star of the show in the eyes of many was Neil the baby.

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Gavin1 of 15


Mathew Horne - a.k.a Gavin2 of 15

Mathew Horne - a.k.a Gavin, then

Viewers saw Mathew's character, Gavin, fall in love with Stacey pretty quickly - he drove all the way to Barry to surprise her after their night together. We saw the couple laugh, row and welcome a baby. N'aww.

Mathew Horne3 of 15
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And this is him now...

Mathew's come a long way from playing good ol' Gav - he's now playing Young Mr Grace in Are You Being Served and continues to collaborate with James Corden on a number of projects which included hosting The Brits in 2009.

Joanna Page - a.k.a Stacey4 of 15

Joanna Page - a.k.a Stacey, then

Joanna smashed it as Stacey; the bubbly girl from Barry who got engaged five (yes, five) times before she met the love of her life Gavin. Bless her.

Joanna Page - a.k.a Stacey5 of 15
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And this is her now...

Similar to her character Stacey, Joanna settled down in real life too and is now mum to three children - a daughter, Eva, and her two sons, Kit and Noah.

James Corden - a.k.a Smithy6 of 15

James Corden - a.k.a Smithy, then

Err, James Cordon as Smithy was absolutely hilarious tbh. He kept us entertained with his dancing, love for Gavin and love/hate relationship with Nessa.

James Corden Selena Gomez7 of 15
CREDIT: Instagram / j_corden

And this is him now... (along with the star of one of his majorly successful Carpool Karaoke's, Selena Gomez)

Do we really need to fill you in on this one? No, probably not, because he's everywhere. But incase you've been in hiding under a rock for the past few years, James has been doing pretty much EVERYTHING and has a majorly successful US TV programme - The Late Late show.

Ruth Jones - a.k.a Nessa8 of 15

Ruth Jones - a.k.a Nessa, then

Oh, what's occurring? Need we say more? Ruth was brilliant as Nessa; fierce and hilarious and as much as we saw how happy she was with Dave, we always knew Smithy was the one that truly had her heart.

Ruth Jones9 of 15
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And this is her now...

She is arguably one of the funniest Welsh people to have ever lived, and since Gavin and Stacey Ruth has lived in Cardiff with her husband and three grown-up stepchildren.The actress has also been appointed an MBE - go Ruth!

Larry Lamb - a.k.a Mick Shipman10 of 15

Larry Lamb - a.k.a Mick Shipman, then

Larry is a prime example of a good actor. Despite seeing him play Archie Mitchell in EastEnders, we couldn't help but fall in love with Mick from Essex. Unlike Archie Mitchell, Mick actually loved his family...

Larry Lamb11 of 15
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And this is him now...

Since Gavin and Stacey, Larry has embarked upon all kinds of work; he appeared in New Tricks and I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! alongside Scarlett Moffatt.

Alison Steadman - a.k.a Pamela Shipman12 of 15

Alison Steadman - a.k.a Pamela Shipman, then

Alison's character Pam was probably the most iconic of them all. We loved her that she made to pretend to be a vegetarian up until the Christmas special where she finally told everyone she was eating meat - they all (minus Gwen) knew.

Alison Steadman - a.k.a Pamela Shipman13 of 15
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And this is her now...

Since Gavin and Stacey ended, Alison has appeared in Orphan Black in 2015 and currently lives in Highgate, London with her partner Michael Elwyn.

Rob Brydon - a.k.a Bryn West14 of 15

Rob Brydon - a.k.a Bryn West, then

Ahh, Rob as Bryn was an absolute classic. There's so many hilarious moments of him to choose from but whenever we think of him our first thought is, of course, the Gavin and Stacey fishing trip...

Rob Brydon15 of 15
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And this is him now...

Long gone are the days of Bryn as a humble telly actor. Rob has since gone on to star in Hollywood movies including The Huntsmen: Winter's War (he played Gryff) and he played Master Phineus in the real life version of Cinderella.

Unbelievably, the young actor who played Neil is now 10-years-old!

Obviously, we are fully aware that babies grow up - but where on EARTH has the time gone?!

To celebrate the milestone, BBC Three tweeted the news with the caption: "FYI baby Neil from Gavin & Stacey is now a 10-year-old."

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But that's not the shocker.

Following that tweet, Neil the baby's real-life mum Emily Merchant shared a before and after photo of her son with the caption: "This is Xmas Special baby Neil! 10 last Sunday!"

Look at him, the little cutie!

Emily Merchant
©Twitter/ Emily Merchant

Like us, fans of Gavin & Stacey couldn't quite believe the news and tweeted their shock...

James Corden, who played the role of Neil's father Smithy, also tweeted his amazement. He wrote, 'Holy s---'.

It comes after Ruth Jones teased the possibility of a Gavin & Stacey comeback earlier this month.

Speaking to The Daily Star, Ruth revealed she's been in touch with James Corden, with the pair discussing potential storylines for their famous characters.

She said: "James and I were talking about this the other day. I think Baby Neil, who is now probably about 11... Nessa is training him down the slots."

We would honestly cry with happiness if this took place.

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