Don’t Tell The Bride SLAMMED for “worst wedding EVER”

Don't tell the bride cringe

by Cate Sutherland |
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Fans of the show have described Bianca and Adam’s wedding as the "worst ever" and worthy of "automatic dumping".

The couple met on Tinder 18-months ago when Bianca was due to go travelling by herself. Adam realised he couldn’t be without her so jetted out and proposed.

Eighteen months isn't a long engagement. So in fairness to Adam, he may not have been privy to Bianca’s hope chest.

But she had described a wedding day that was "glamourous classical, I don't want a theme. No jokey gimmicky things, just very elegant".

Adam then blew £5,000 on flying in and out of Bristol airport.

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Don't tell the bride cringe

They had the wedding ceremony on the plane and were pronounced husband and wife by an air steward given Adam hadn't prepared any vows (we're pretty sure that's not legally binding?!)

Later at the reception, Bianca told him: "Babe it's awful. It's proper like s**t.

"The suit's tacky, the dress is tacky, the flowers are tacky."

Buying a wedding dress for woman who’s seven-months pregnant isn’t easy. But Adam could have done a bit better than £175 online (even Bianca's mum said it was horrible).

Especially when two grand went on a warehouse to fill with sand.

In preparation for the ‘Full Moon’ themed reception, Adam spent almost as much on neon buckets as he did on the dress.

Don't tell the bride cringe

The bride-to-be was joined by equally tacky neon bridesmaids and flowers.

To her credit, Bianca recovered quickly to tell her groom: "At least you kept a link and it all ties in. I don't hate it, it's just like shocking."

The couple have since welcomed a healthy baby boy.

Read some of the reactions on Twitter:

Don't tell the bride cringe
Don't tell the bride cringe
Don't tell the bride cringe
Don't tell the bride cringe

After such an inglorious start, is Don't Tell the Bride under threat of being cancelled again?

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