First Dates got VERY awkward when a woman was paired with her ex!

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First dates can be pretty awkward. Whether you’re simply looking for someone to spend time with, or you’re full-on searching for your soulmate, getting to know a complete stranger over dinner be extremely nerve-wracking.

That’s exactly why we all love First Dates – it records those little moments and exchanges between people looking for love, and it’s so heart warming when we find out that the diners did actually fall in love.

However, it doesn’t always go to plan. There have been arguments, people have been stood up and walked out on, and there was even that one man who wet himself, but we’re pretty sure that this First Dates tale is the worst one yet…

The new series of the fly-on-the-wall dating show started last night, and we saw Emma and Peter matched together. However, as soon as they clapped eyes on each other it became clear that the date was about to get very awkward, as they already knew one another… they have already dated.

As Emma sat waiting for her date, she turned and was gobsmacked to see her ex walking through the door. When he edged nearer, she stated: “I would have walked out again if you had been there first.”

first dates
Peter wasn't too phased* (Credit: Channel 4)

But romantic maitre d’ Fred Sirieix would not let them leave, saying: “We’ve got to give it another go.”

The former couple sat through their dinner, where it was revealed that Peter had actually dumped Emma by text and then decided to block her on Instagram.

When Emma asked whether he still loved sports, Peter said: “Yes, but obviously you can’t see it because I blocked you.”


She replied: “I don’t know why you went all weird.”

His very mature response? “It wasn’t that but after the break-up you had a small dig at me, and I don’t do drama or confrontation.”

Emma didn’t accept his apology for dumping her by text, and refused to get involved with Peter again, much to viewers delight who praised her decision.

Good for you, Emma!

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