Coronation Street spoilers: Sean Tully left homeless

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This week in Corrie, Sean Tully is having a rough time as he is forced to admit he is homeless. His friend Carol finds him slumped in the toilets battered and bruised and has to take him to A&E

Sean Tully's pride is bruised as Craig Tinker offers to help him find his attackers, but he won't accept the help. Confessing to Carol that he is starving, she offers him a half eaten pizza and he buries his pride and tucks in ravenously. It's desperate times for Sean and it seems he's running out of options.

Meanwhile, Josh Tucker is beaten to a pulp when Billy Mayhew intervenes in his life, following him around and spreading rumours behind his back. When Josh is rushed to hospital, Billy feels guilty and visits his bedside to pray for his recovery. Eva Price says her final farewell to Kate and Johnny Connor, who is distraught at the idea he might not be part of little Susie Barlow's life. And poor Daniel Osbourne's having a problem with some moths...

Coronation Street spoilers: 30 July - 03 August


Coronation Street spoilers: Sean Tully rushed to hospital and left homeless

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Billy suspects something

David Platt insists on going for a walk prompting a worried Shona Ramsey to speak to Billy who offers to track him down. Seeing David sat in his car and then following a man coming out of some flats, Billy waits till David stops outside a bar and jumps in the passenger seat - what is David up to?

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David explains...

David explains to Billy that he has been watching Josh to make sure he doesn't attack anyone again. The guy he was following, Ethan, has been spending time with Josh. Billy eventually manages to convince David to go home.

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David takes it too far

But once David has gone, Billy approaches Ethan, telling him he is a vicar and warning him to steer clear of Josh as he is a rapist.

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Disaster strikes

Later on, the police call at Billy's and say that Josh has been beaten to a pulp by the guy he spoke to. Feeling guilty Billy comes clean to David and Shona. He visits Josh in hospital, pretending to be a relative, and prays by his bedside for a healthy recovery.

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News of Eva's departure spreads

Johnny is bereft thinking he may never see his granddaughter Susie again...

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Johnny gives up hope

Johnny tells Kate and Michelle Connor that he's not going to stand up in court and make out that Aidan Connor wasn't of sound mind, as with Susie gone, he no longer cares about the factory.

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Eva arrives at the last minute

Johnny vows to do all he can to get Eva to come to the inquest so that he can see Susie one more time. He is extremely relieved when Eva finally turns up at the court.

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Eva says her final farewell

As the inquest ends Eva says an emotional farewell to Kate , united in their love for Aidan. Toyah Battersby begs her to stay but Eva says it is the best thing for everyone if she goes. Johnny apologises for snatching Susie.

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Sean struggles to maintain the facade

Sean jumps at the offer of a grotty bedsit one of Dev Alahan's friends is renting out. Sean gets texts from Violet Wilson saying he has made no payments for Dylan Wilson, he tells Eileen Grimshaw it is a hiccup with the bank.

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Sean pays the price for his pride

Sean makes out to Carol, a homeless woman, that he is sleeping rough for charity and gives her his tent. After getting his wages from Toyah, he is disappointed when Dev says that he is too late the bedsit has gone to someone else. Trying to get his tent back from Carol he is affronted when she gives him a list of hostels and waves his cash in her face. He is then robbed by two men in the toilets.

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Sean accepts his fate

Carol finds Sean slumped in the toilets battered and bruised and takes him to A&E where he is forced to admit he is homeless.

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Sean is getting desperate

Craig offers to try and find the thugs who attacked him but is bemused when Sean brushes him off. Then Carol finds Sean in the urban garden. Sean admits he's starving and when Carol offers him a half eaten pizza, he buries his pride and tucks in ravenously.

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Daniel has a moth problem

Daniel has a moth problem and stuffs the vintage dresses in a freezer to try and kill off the eggs, confessing to Carla Connor he has brought moths into the factory.

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Sinead has some surprising news for Daniel

Alya Nazir is furious when a new client inspects some of the underwear only to find it full of holes caused by the moth. She blames Daniel and Sinead for the lost order, prompting Daniel to say Sinead Tinker is leaving her job anyway as they are starting a new business. Stunned Sinead tells Daniel that's a bad idea as she think she might be pregnant...

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Carla agrees to put 25% towards Maria Connor's business plan.

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And Brian and Joseph have a bonding day

Brian Packham and Joseph Brown spend an enjoyable day building a den in the backyard. Joseph begs Brian to ditch his plan to open a shop and look after him instead. Brian's torn.

henry and gemma corrie17 of 18

Henry and Gemma play pubs

Henry Newton and Gemma Winter help themselves to the Rovers' cellar and get roaring drunk trying out various cocktails.

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Leanne is furious

Leanne Battersby's furious and throws them out. Rita Sullivan reminds Leanne of her own humble beginnings and suggests she cuts Gemma some slack and gives her some guidance on running a pub.

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