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No, Candice Brown and her Dancing On Ice partner Matt Evers are not an item!

Dancing On Ice made a triumphant return to our TV screens last night (seriously, wasn't it just what you needed on a cold, dark Sunday night?), and the first episode saw six of the 12 celebrity contestants take to the ice.

One of those celebs was Candice Brown, who you'll remember as the winner of 2016's Great British Bake Off.

But no sooner had she finished her first twirl around the ice, than rumours started that she was romantically involved with her skating partner, professional ice skater Matt Evers.

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Candice Brown SLIDER

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What did Candice do before Bake Off?

Before Bake Off she was a PE teacher. After graduating with a degree in Sport, PE and Community Studies at the University of Birmingham, Candice taught at Ashlyns School in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. She managed to juggle being in the Bake Off tent and the sports hall, and stayed at the school for a while after winning before finally being told to take the opportunities she was being presented with. Candice said that the headteacher at Ashlyns encouraged her to follow her dreams as it would inspire the children she taught to do the same.

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What's in her recipe book?

It's full of family recipes that Candice grew up first watching her mum and nan bake and then adopted herself. She says the recipes haven't changed because they're so good they don't need to. Full of home favourites and delicious treats, her book, Comfort, is for anyone wanting to step up their baking game.

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CREDIT: Candice's Instagram @CandiceBrown

What dogs does she have?

Candice's dogs. What lovely dogs. Dennis is her pug. Harry, the bulldog. And Sybil, the newest addition to her family, the Pomeranian. Poor old Sybil is blind in one eye but he still gets lots of love and attention.

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CREDIT: Candice's Instagram @CandiceBrown


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Who's her fella?

In October 2017 Candice announced her engagement to tree surgeon Liam Macaulay. Speaking about the engagement, Candice said: "It's been such an amazing year. I feel very lucky. I've had such incredible opportunities – Bake Off opened so many doors – and to top it off he puts a ring on it."Liam and Candice went back to the Black Horse restaurant in Bedfordshire, where they had their first date, and parked in the same parking spot as that day before proposing. Candice cried for five minutes before finally being composed enough to say yes. So she's not always as calm and collected as she seemed in the Bake Off tent.

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What fancy things did she make in Bake Off?

One of Candice's most impressive bakes was her showstopper during biscuit week: a 3D gingerbread pub! When tasked with the behemoth challenge of telling the story of her life through the medium of the humble biscuit, Candice recreated the pub that her parents managed and lived in during her childhood. She included everything she could remember of The King William IV, from the pool table to the regulars to the sticky carpet - and duly won Star Baker.

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CREDIT: Selasi's Instagram @selasigb

Is she still friends with her fellow bakers?

We would be stupid, heartless, and cold to not use this opportunity to send our best wishes to Candice's Bake Off opponents (and friends), especially Val. In fact, they all got together to watch last year's final and are invited to Candice's wedding. How adorable.

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It wasn't just the pub that was her only unbelievable showstopper. Candice's marzipan peacock also helped her to win Star Baker - but she came under fire for its resemblance to Nadiya's chocolate peacock of the year before. If you ask us, that's clutching at straws. Both peacocks are very nice. There is enough room in this world for plenty of delicious peacocks.

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CREDIT: Candice's Instagram @CandiceBrown


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CREDIT: Candice's Instagram @CandiceBrown

What’s her social media like?

What else would you expect from a Bake Off winner's Instagram than pastries to die for? Cakes worth cutting off family members. A tart so delicious you had to take a sit down. Good for inspiration if you're feeling like dusting off your apron and making that famous cheesecake of yours. Bad for maintaining strong will during a diet. Follow at your own peril.

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CREDIT: Candice's Instagram @CandiceBrown


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CREDIT: Candice's Instagram @CandiceBrown


Candice and Matt performed a glamorous - and rather romantic - routine to Etta James' classic ballad, At Last.

But unlike the judges - who scored Candice rather harshly - the audience watching at home were more interested in Candice's relationship with Matt than her ice skating skills.

The reason? Because Candice appeared to SNOG Matt at the end of their routine!

Fans quickly took to Twitter to share their shock...

But it turns out all may not be as it seems...

Not forgetting that Candice is engaged to her long-term partner, Liam Macaulay, her Dancing On Ice partner Matt Evers is openly gay.

Luckily Candice seemed to see the funny side to the speculation, and quickly took to her Instagram to quash the ridiculous rumours.

Posting a picture of herself sandwiched between Liam and Matt, doing her infamous pout, Candice wrote: 'Just 'snogging' my 2 favourite boys. , My left and my right, my fiancé and the person that has built confidence in something different from nothing! Thank you @dennismcpugface thank you @themattevers I love a SNOG xxxx'

Of course, this isn't the first time Candice has been accused of snogging someone other than Liam...

candice brown kiss paul hollywood
Candice looked super-hot at the Pride of Britain Awards ©Getty

In October 2017 pictures emerged which appeared to show Candice sharing a kiss with Great British Bake Off judge Paul Hollywood following the Pride of Britain Awards.

Although both Paul and Candice denied there was anything romantic between them, just weeks later, Paul announced he was separating from his wife of 20 years.

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Apparently this was NOT a snog! ©ITV

As for Candice's snog with Matt Evers... have a watch of the moment in the video below and let us know what you think...

WATCH: This is the moment Candice Brown SNOGGED Dancing on Ice partner Matt Evers

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