Big Brother series one contestants – where are they now?

Let's catch up with the original housemates and see what they're up to now

Big Brother series one Davina Craig

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Big Brother may have ended but that doesn't mean we can't reminisce about the good times, so we've decided to have a look back at the first ever Big Brother to see what all the cast are doing now.

Back in 2018 we were devo when Big Brother released a statement about its sad demise after an incredible 18 years.

In a statement they said, "We are incredibly proud of Big Brother which has consistently been the highest rated show for Channel 5 over the past seven years...

"This performance is credit to the fantastic production team, plus Emma [Willis], Rylan [Clark-Neal], Marcus [Brigstock] and the many housemates over the years who have delivered so many unmissable series...

"Whilst disappointment not to reach an agreement with Channel 5 the decision opens up a new chapter and we are excited about future possibilities for Big Brother in the UK."

We're still hoping that Big Brother returns but while we eagerly wait, in tribute to the end of an era let's take a trip down memory lane and find out what became of the OG series one housemates from 2000.

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Craig Phillips (WINNER) - then1 of 16

Craig Phillips (WINNER) - then

Craig was the first ever winner of the series all the way back in 2000. He famously donated his entire £70,000 prize fund to his friend Joanne Harris who has Downs syndrome - to pay for her heart and lung transplant.

Craig Phillips (WINNER) - now2 of 16
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Craig Phillips (WINNER) - now

After winning the show, Craig became one of the UK's leading DIY and home improvement experts (he owned a construction business before going on Big Brother).

Anna Nolan (RUNNER-UP) - then3 of 16

Anna Nolan (RUNNER-UP) - then

Anna finished in second place, and won popularity by being known for keeping peace in the house.

Anna Nolan (RUNNER-UP) now4 of 16

Anna Nolan (RUNNER-UP) now

After leaving the show, Anna hot a job hosting the Great Irish Bake Off.

Darren Ramsay (THIRD PLACE) then5 of 16

Darren Ramsay (THIRD PLACE) then

Darren won viewers hearts with his love of the house chickens, his favourite being named Marjorie.

Darren Ramsay (THIRD PLACE) now6 of 16
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Darren Ramsay (THIRD PLACE) now

Darren now works for a research company, and said, according to The Sun: "It's refreshing to do a nine-to-five job. But I would love to do I'm A Celebrity or Strictly Come Dancing."I want to put on some rhinestones and revive my little 15 minutes of fame."

Melanie Hill (FOURTH PLACE) then7 of 16
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Melanie Hill (FOURTH PLACE) then

Melanie didn't receive a single nomination until the end of the show, and was placed fourth.

Melanie Hill (FOURTH PLACE) now8 of 16
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Melanie Hill (FOURTH PLACE) now

Melanie is taking a career break to look after her son, Otis, who she shares with boyfriend Glenn.

Tom McDermott (FIFTH PLACE) then9 of 16
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Tom McDermott (FIFTH PLACE)

Tom got together with fellow housemate Claire Strutton, who he then had a baby with. However, the couple soon split - and he now lives on the coast on Cornwall.

Claire Strutton then10 of 16
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Claire Strutton then

Claire arrived late to the house, and replaced Nick Bateman. After splitting from Tom, Claire founded a luxury beach resort in Marbella. Nice.

Andy Davidson11 of 16

Andy Davidson

Andy famously kissed Melanie in the house, and now works as the head of client strategy at brand consultancy Flamingo, based in London

Caroline Ou2019Shea12 of 16

Caroline O’Shea

Caroline (or Caggy) was nominated for first eviction, but stayed in the house for three weeks. She received a massive 900,000 votes for eviction. She participated in 2010's Ultimate Big Brother as part of a task.

Nichola Holt13 of 16
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Nichola Holt

Nichola famously made clay imprints of her naked body on the walls of the house, which was a bit weird. She is now said to be a single mother to a seven-year-old daughter and is living in Bolton.

Sada Walkington14 of 16
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Sada Walkington

Sada was the first person to ever be evicted from the Big Brother house. After leaving, she moved to Argentina to work as a yoga teacher. She changed her name to Guru Amrit Dev and is mum to twins Indigo and Padma.

Nick Bateman then15 of 16
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Nick Bateman then

Nick Bateman AKA Nasty Nick is one of Big Brother's most notorious contestants. He was ejected from the house for passing notes encouraging his fellow housemates who to nominate.

Nick Bateman now16 of 16
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Nick Bateman now

After leaving the show, Nick participated in the 2010 series of Ultimate Big Brother.

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