Anthony Cotton slated by Dancing On Ice viewers for his ‘bad attitude’

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Coronation Street actor Anthony Cotton received a wave of backlash online following his final Dancing On Ice performance on Sunday night...

It's week seven in the competition, and things are seriously hotting up on Dancing On Ice.

Not only was there a double elimination - which saw Anthony Cotton and Donna Air leave the show - but as we reported earlier in the week, the Dancing On Ice judges set the celebs a fiendishly difficult challenge for this weeks show. The challenge was...

  1. The couples must incorporate a sequence that must go from one end of the rink to the other
  1. They must be perfectly mirrored and in unison with each other
  1. The couples can't hold on to each other or be touching in any way - so the celebs will essentially have 30 seconds of solo skating
  1. The routine must include four lobes - four semi-circle loops

And while many of the celebrities and their pro partners seemed to live up to the challenge, Coronation Street actor Anthony Cotton appeared to rebel against the tricky task.

GALLERY: Who are the Dancing On Ice professional skaters?


Who are the professional ice skating dancers on Dancing On Ice 2018?

Dancing On Ice1 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram/ Melody Le Moal

Melody Le Moal

Melody is 30-years-old and is from France.

Dancing On Ice2 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram/ Brandee Malto

Brandee Malto

Brandee is 37 from the USA, and has been partnered with Corrie's Antony Cotton for the next series of Dancing On Ice.

Dancing On Ice3 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram/ Ale Izquierdo

Ale Izquierdo

Ale is 28 and is from Mexico, and will be skating with rugby player Max Exans.

Dancing On Ice4 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram/ Megan Marschall

Megan Marschall

Megan is 25 and from the USA. Unfortunately, she has now dropped out of the show after blazing rows with her ex-boyfriend and co-star, Lloyd Jones.

Dancing On Ice5 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram/ Brianne Delcourt

Brianne Delcourt

Canadian Brianne is 36-years-old.

Dancing On Ice6 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram/ Vanessa Bauer

Vanessa Bauer

At 21, Vanessa from Germany is the youngest of the professional skaters.

Dancing On Ice7 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram/ Sylvain Longchambon & ITV/ Dancing On Ice

Sylvain Longchambon

Dancing On Ice fans will be happy to see the return of Sylvain, who met his now-wife Samia - better known as Maria from Coronation Street.

Dancing On Ice8 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram/ Hamish Gaman

Hamish Gaman

Hamish is one of only two British professional dancers, and is 34 from England.

Dancing On Ice9 of 14
CREDIT: ITV/ This Morning & Dancing On Ice

Matt Evers

Fans of the show will also be happy to see 41-year-old Matt returning as a professional dancer. He has been paired with Bake Off winner Candice Brown.

Dancing On Ice10 of 14
CREDIT: ITV/ This Morning & Dancing On Ice

Dan Whiston

Dan has previously won the show several times - will he be lucky again this year?

Dancing On Ice11 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram/ Matej Silecky

Matej Silecky

Matej is 23 and from the USA.

Dancing On Ice12 of 14
CREDIT: Instagram/ Lloyd Jones

Lloyd Jones

29-year-old Lloyd Jones was the only Welshman among the professionals, and was due to be skating with Donna Air on the new series. However, he has now dropped out of the show after "blazing rows" with his ex-girlfriend and co-star, Megan Marschall.

Dancing On Ice13 of 14
CREDIT: Getty Images

Alex Murphy

Alex has been brought in to replace Megan Marschall as Kem Cetinay's partner after she quit the show.

Dancing On Ice14 of 14
CREDIT: Getty Images

Mark Hanretty

Mark has been added to the cast late to replace Lloyd Jones as Donna Air's partner after he quit the show.

Things started to go wrong for Anthony during the VT before his performance, when he announced that he didn't care about the judges challenge because he didn't like to follow rules.

Er... that's not really how it works, Anthony!

And things went downhill from there.

Although entertaining, it was clear that Anthony's routine wasn't as technically advanced as many of the other contestants, and when the scores came in the judges unanimously awarded him just 4.5 points each.

jason gardiner dancing on ice
Jason Gardiner didn't hold back ©ITV

But the real problem started when judge Jason Gardiner decided to give Anthony a no holds barred review, saying: "I really expected that you were going to really take to this competition and do more with it, but I feel like you've given up.

"We gave you this challenge and other people have really upped the ante. What did you do?"

When Anthony answered his question and tried to justify his performance, Jason hit back saying, "but it was so remedial at best!".


anthony cotton dancing on ice
Holly and Phil looked very uncomfortable during the tiff ©ITV

At this point it was clear Anthony was not taking the criticism too well, and he hit back at Jason saying: "Babes! The audience at home are voting me in, it's not my fault, I'm doing me best!"

But while the studio audience applauded Anthony's remarks, his rebellious attitude didn't go down quite as well with the audience at home, with a number of people - including Strictly Come Dancing pro James Jordan - taking to Twitter to criticise his attitude...

Despite his very public disagreement with Jason and online backlash, in a video posted on the official Dancing On Ice Twitter page, Anthony seemed to think he left the show on a high...

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