72 FAB new emojis are launching incredibly soon

Pancakes, avacado and a pregnant women are amongst 'em

brand new emojis

by Hannah Mellin |
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This is definitely worth updating your phone for...

The Unicode Consortium (basically the people who invent emojis) have just given final approval on 72 BRAND NEW emojis that will arrive this month. We're sooooooo excited!

We genuinely can't imagine life without emojis, imagine texting all your pals in the group chat without them?

They're a modern necessity and we LOVE them.

So you'll be pleased to know that the new ones joining the collection are bacon, croissant, a gorilla, a rhino, a lizard, a shark and a butterfly.

brand new emojis

But there are some extremely important ones in there too - including a pregnant lady, a sneezing face, a woman face-palming and an arm taking a selfie.

Jeremy Burge, the founder of Emojipedia and World Emoji Day, said: "Unicode 9 includes a set of 72 emojis covering new smileys, people, gestures, food, drink, and sports."

This news also comes after Facebook updated their messenger emoji collection which included a range of more diverse emojis - including a female swimmer, a police officer, a male sassy dancer and a prince to accompany the princess emoji.

A full list of the new emojis can be found here.

We cannot wait.

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