WATCH: Teenage singer brands X Factor ‘disgusting’ as she exposes shocking audition process

Daisy Gill said on YouTube that the show is a "joke" and that nobody cares about "you, your family, or your wellbeing."

Daisy Gill Reveals X Factor Audition on YouTube

by Hayley Kadrou |
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Daisy Gill from Liverpool has taken to YouTube to reveal the real process she went through when auditioning for X Factor 2016 - and starts of by plainly labelling the whole thing a "very bad experience," saying that she felt like an "unpaid extra" for the day.

Two days ago over on her YouTube channel - also named Daisy Gill - the 19 year old reached out to her subscribers to explain her experience to them.

She begins by saying:

"To be honest I rethink the X Factor… and Britain's Got Talent and all those organisations, I think they're a joke. They are a joke.

"The way they treat people is not very nice," before giving a stern warning to future auditionees that "these people" don't care about your wellbeing or your family - just making money and good TV. She said she was sad to be telling this story, having been really looking forward to process.

The talented 19 year old - who uploads covers of popular songs such as Norah Jones' Don't Know Why - explained the ordeal she went through this year, explaining that she was approached by researchers to sing for this year's panel - Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne, Louis Walsh and Nicole Scherzinger.

However, the songstress never even got near the revived panel, after alleging she waited around for nine hours without food.

Daisy explains she felt misled by the X Factor staff throughout the entire process, saying they're not a "professional" organisation.

"I think I will say about the X Factor is they were very, very, very interested in how I looked... My vintage fashion sense."

She explained she thinks she was quizzed so much about ther fashion sense, and whether it was hard to fit in, because they couldn't get another 'sob story' out of her.

Daisy was put in the reserve list when asked to come down for the day, but tells her viewers that they were never really told what that consisted of.

She even explains how the show misleads viewers at home about how many people actually audtion - saying there was only about 30 contestants on the day - as family and friends bulk up the numbers in shot.

Watch the full video here:

In response to the YouTube clip, represenative for the show told The Mirror:

"[The reserve list] is something which most TV shows with contestants would do, in case someone drops out or we can see more people than originally planned. [Daisy] was told that she was a reserve in advance of the day and then also reminded on the day that they would only be seen if there was time.

"It’s unfortunate that [she is] upset by not getting to audition but [she] was clearly told on the day. We do where possible look to reschedule reserve contestants on other days if there is space."

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