The Worst Witch’s Mildred Hubble and Maud Moonshine reunite 18 years later

This Worst Witch reunion photo is going to make you feel VERY old indeed…

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Before Harry Potter sailed into our lives on his Nimbus 2000, there was The Worst Witch.

The TV show (based on the books of the same name) followed Mildred Hubble, a clumsy young witch who attends Miss Cackle's Academy for Witches.

But, despite finding a friend in Maud Moonshine, Mildred’s clumsy disasters lead her to be named the worst witch in the entire school - a title which her rival, Ethel Hallow, and form tutor, Miss Hardbroom, believe she well and truly deserves.

It was magical, it was wonderful, and it was… gosh, it was 18 years ago.


So, when we heard that Mildred and BFF Maud were back together again, we were understandably excited.

Almost twenty years since they cast their last spell at the Academy for Witches, Emma Brown and Georgina Sherrington hugged for a then-and-now Twitter comparison.

Are you ready to feel old?

Check it out:

Yup, they’re all grown up now!

"Reunions fun! 18 years later," tweeted Georgina happily.

So what are our favourite witches up to nowadays?

Well, Georgina (who played Mildred) is a consultant business coordinator for BBC comedy, although she will appear in Dark Ascension this year alongside Brian Blessed and Bruce Campbell.

Emma - aka Maud - quit acting after The Worst Witch and hasn't appeared in anything since.

She is now married with two children.

It’s a shame the gang couldn’t get worst enemy Ethel - aka Oscar nominee Felicity Jones - to take part in their mini reunion, but she’s pretty busy filming a Star Wars movie at the moment.

If this blast from the past has left you craving more Worst Witch fun, we have good news for you; a reboot is currently in the works at CBBC.

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