Wild Things: Everything you need to know about the hilarious gameshow

Sky One’s Wild Things: Everything you need to know, including how to apply and which suit is the luckiest!

Wild Things - Sky One

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It's official; we're literally OBSESSED with Sky One's Wild Things, and you should be too.

Here's everything you need to know about the hilarious wildlife-themed gameshow...

1) What IS Wild Things?

As Lee the Brummy beaver puts it in episode 1, the show is a bit like Beatrix Potter meets the Hunger Games.

So, in a word, it’s AMAZING!!!

2) Who can play Wild Things?

Each episode features four teams of two people (relatives or couples) completing challenges on a woodland obstacle course in order to escape the Wild Wood.

But there’s a catch, obviously.

One member of the team must become a Wild Thing, dressing up in a hilarious costume which leaves them unable to see, so they have to rely on their teammate to be their guide.

Which, naturally, makes things a lot more difficult - albeit hilarious!

3) What’s the Wild Things prize?

It’s a whopping £10K - which, naturally, amens things a lot more intense.

4) How do you apply for Wild Things?

You need to wait for the application process to open up again, and then you can shoot off an email if you think you’ve got what it takes.

If they like the sound of your application, they’ll invite you to audition.

5) Can I apply to take part in Wild Things with my BFF?


As Wild Things Executive Producer Gary Monaghan explains: “We only audition people who are related to one another or are in a relationship with each other. We do this because we want our contestants to talk to each other freely and frankly.

“Friends sometimes have a filter, family doesn’t.”

6) What’s the audition process like for Wild Things?

Wild Things Executive Producer Gary Monaghan says: “We play games with the couples in the audition designed to get them talking and reacting to one another in a lively fashion.

“They're just silly party game that we spice up with electric shocks.”


7) Can I choose whether or not I’m the animal in Wild Things?

Yes, it’s up to the couple to decide who’s the guide and who’s the Wild Thing - but it’s pretty hard going for both, so make sure you think about it properly before you commit!

8) How many animals are there to choose from in Wild Things?

There’s a fair few critters in the Wild Things family - some cute and fluffy, some more toothy!

  1. Owl

  2. Stag

  3. Duck

  4. Badger

  5. Mole

  6. Fox

  7. Rabbit

  8. Squirrel

  9. Chicken

  10. Wolf

  11. Beaver

Choices choices, eh?

9) Why did they add some new Wild Things to the mix for 2016?

Wild Things Executive Producer Gary Monaghan says: “We added more animals this series really just for the variety. A large part of the fun of the show are the costumes, so we wanted to create new ones that would get everyone excited.

“This year everyone loves the Chicken and I'm very excited about the Beaver.”

10) Which Wild Things animal has proven the luckiest?

Wild Things Executive Producer Gary Monaghan says: “The Beaver just edges it for being the most successful animal in Wild Wood this year (2016).”

11) And which Wild Things critter is the unluckiest?

Wild Things Executive Producer Gary Monaghan says: “Last year the Rabbits were useless and never even qualified for the main contest.”

Poor old flopsy, eh?

12) Wait - can I choose my animal costume for Wild Things?

Not so much, no.

Wild Things Executive Producer Gary Monaghan says: “No, the contestants are given their animal. We have a family of Wild things animals and we basically like to have a nice mix across the series, and also for each show we generally like to have a good mix of colours so they don't look too similar.”

He added: “It's funny though, a lot of the time the people in the suits really match the animals. There's a lady in this series who when she takes her Wild Thing head off at the end is just the perfect Beaver. Last year we had a contestant called Heidi who just fitted being a duck brilliantly as well.

“It's the voice usually - for example a west country accent really suits the Badger!”

13) Do I get to wear any safety gear under my Wild Things costume?

Yes, of course - it’s a pretty bumpy ride, after all.

Wild Things Executive Producer Gary Monaghan says: “The costumes are very well padded so the contestants are already well protected but they also have safety helmets inside the head, and ankle and wrist protectors.”


14) Who presents Wild Things?

The gameshow is hosted by Kate Humble and Jason Byrne.

15) Is there actually £10K inside the suitcase at the end?

Not so much - it’s just a case of gold coins. The money stays safe and sound for the winner to claim after the game is over!

16) Are there other versions of Wild Things across the globe?


Wild Things Executive Producer Gary Monaghan says: “We've made the show in quite a few other countries as well, Russia has a bear and China has a panda, how fantastic is that?”

Pretty darned fantastic, we say.

You can watch #WildThings on Sky One on Sundays at 7pm - trust us when we say it’s unmissable stuff!

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