What To Watch This Weekend: 12th – 14th August

We round up the best TV shows to watch this weekend

Matt Damon Jason Bourne The Bourne Identity

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There are LOADS of classic films on this weekend, you’ll be glad to hear! If you’re starting to get a bit tired of the Olympics, don’t worry – there’s plenty on the TV to choose from. Read on to find out our choice picks for the weekend.

Friday 12th August

Say Yes To The Dress, TLC, 9pm

Royal dress designer David Emanuel takes charge of this British version of the US hit, and he’s based himself at a boutique in Essex to help groups of brides-to-be find their perfect wedding dress. Easier said than done: with brides, bridesmaids, mums and other family members each with their own opinion on what they want, stand by for some tense moments. And tears. Lots of tears.

The Get Down, Netflix

You might have finished Stranger Things, so this could be your next big Netflix binge. Directed by Baz Luhrmann, it’s set in 1970s New York and centres around a group of African-Americans trying to make something of themselves. Stand by for disco, flares, afros and hip-hop. Looks like another must-watch. Oh, and it stars Jaden Smith, 18-year-old son of Will and Jada!

The Get Down Netflix

Saturday 13th August

The Bourne Identity, ITV, 9.30pm

Always great no matter how many times it’s repeated, this is the first outing for the ace Matt Damon as Jason Bourne – who’s plucked from the sea, near death, by an Italian fishing boat. Suffering total amnesia, all he has is an extraordinary talent for self-defence, not to mention an impressive range of linguistic skills. He sets out (with a hot girl) on a desperate search to discover who he really is, and why he’s being pursued by very determined assassins…

DYK? Brad Pitt was offered the role of Jason Bourne, but turned it down to do Spy Game. D’oh!

Matt Damon Jason Bourne The Bourne Identity

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, C4, 8pm

Scientist Will Rodman (James Franco) starts experimenting with a drug he hopes will cure his father’s (John Lithgow) Alzheimer’s, but it all goes wrong and instead of being hailed a hero, he’s sent home with Caesar – the infant chimp who got a blast of the drug before he was born. Alarm bells start ringing when his hairy friend displays super-intelligent tendencies. Cue troubles when Caesar and his monkey friends outwit the humans.

This Is England, Film4, 9pm

A young boy becomes pals with a gang of skin’eds in this film classic film from 2006, which doesn’t sound all that on paper but is actually really, really good – and sparked all those Channel 4 series.

Sunday 14th August

Dragons’ Den, BBC2, 9pm

A husband and wife duo pitching their drilling tool gadget (sounds dangerous in the wrong hands!), and a businessman plugging his portable water saving device. Over to the Dragons who have the power!

Dragons Den


Naked Attraction, C4, Mon 15 Aug, 10.30pm

Viewers have been outraged by this risqué show (five penises and two vaginas – per minute – whatever next?!) “Every naked body is a thing of beauty,” says host Anna Richardson. How right she is as another batch of extremely brave singletons are perfectly happy to take their clothes off on national TV in the hope of finding The One. An “all-time low” (as one horrified watcher cried) or compulsive ‘OMG’ viewing? You decide…

Long Lost Family, ITV, Wed 17 Aug, 9pm

In 1977, 62-year-old Val Moorhouse had to make the agonising decision to keep daughter Marisa, but give son Stephen up for adoption. “I hope one day I can meet him and say to him how much I love him,” she blubs. Another person being helped by Davina and Nicky tonight is Sam, 37, who was given up as a baby and now wants to track down her birth mother and sister. Get stuck in, this fab series ends next week!

Katie Price’s Pony Club, TLC, Thu 18 Aug, 9pm (New Series)

It’s four years since the juggernaut that is Katie Price has entertained the masses with a reality show but that hiatus is about to come to an end with this – a fly-on-the-wall show based at Katie’s own family home in West Sussex, where she already keeps her five horses, four goats, three pigs and one baby hedgehog (Springwatch eat your heart out!) “I’ve always been into ponies – all my life. To set up my own Pony Club is a dream come true,” says the pink-loving whip-cracker herself, roping in her two kids Princess and Junior as well.

**DYK? **Being horsey is family affair for The Pricey, who says: “It’s a way of life for the whole family. Harvey gets involved as he helps feed the animals every day. Jett has already been on a horse and I’m sure it won’t be too long before Bunny rides.”

Katie Price Pony Club

Celeb Trolls: We’re Coming To Get You, Channel 5, Thu 18 Aug, 10pm

Frankie Bridge of The Saturdays is on a mission to track down the Internet trolls whose abuse devastates the lives of victims. X Factor star Chris Maloney had a breakdown after getting death threats, while Denise Fergus – mum of two-year-old Jamie Bulger murdered 23 years ago – reveals she is regularly trolled by shockingly cruel individuals taunting her about her family’s nightmare. Frankie assembles a team of ‘Troll Trackers’ – and identities are exposed…

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