Watch what happens when this man gets into the water with two crocodiles

Most people would do anything to avoid crocodile-infested waters.


by Jessica Anais Rach |
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One brave man, however, is not phased by a mere croc or two.

Providing entertainment for a group of petrified tourists, the man gets into a lake with two crocodiles, before proceeding to feed the peckish creatures.

The brave (?) man gives his croc a hug
The brave (?) man gives his croc a hug

His toothy friends luckily seem more interested in his snacks than him, and at one point even give him a grateful hug.

The besties share a mouth-to-mouth feeding moment

The most nail biting moment takes place when the -frankly suicidal- man feeds his (pet) croc what looks like a crisp from his mouth. Surely that can't be as filling as a tasty man morsel?

Watch for yourself...

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