WATCH: Cute video shows animal babies standing up for the very first time

This outrageously cute compilation video shows a collection of baby animals standing up and taking their very first steps. Get ready to 'aww'…


by Kayleigh Dray |
Published on

Taking your first step is hard… but it's worth it.

This video, which features polar bear cubs, little foals, newborn giraffes and actual human babies, actually left us feeling a little emotional.

It's all about getting up and taking that very difficult first step - and it's absolutely amazing to watch these fragile little ones stepping up and getting on their own feet for the first time ever.

Check it out:

We're genuinely all feeling warm and fuzzy inside after watching that - especially the beautiful collection of clips at the end, with baby horses running alongside their mothers, polar bear cubs hiking through the snow and just genuine joy every which way you look.

Which was your favourite moment from the video?

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