WATCH: Confused children puzzle over a Sony Walkman in hilarious video

Ready to feel ANCIENT? This video of children puzzling over a Sony Walkman will do the trick nicely (and it's hilarious, as an added bonus)…

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by Kayleigh Dray |
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Even if you're barely approaching 30, this video is guaranteed to make you feel older than the crypt keeper.

With children as old as their early teens revealed to have absolutely no clue what a Sony Walkman is (or does), the clip is the perfect mixture of hilarious and depressing.

"Ooh! A phone… wait… what is this thing?" says one nine-year-old girl as she's handed the clunky portable cassette player.

"What do I do? Press… play?" asks another child, scratching his head.

When quizzed about what they think the strange device from the past actually does, the kids have no idea - and everything, from a walkie-talkie to a boom box, crops up as a suggestion.

Eventually one little bright spark figures it out - but then it's time for the kids to try and crack the code of these weird contraptions and actually make music with them.

Ready to squirm?

YouTube user Kinnison Grey summed up EVERYTHING we're feeling right now when he commented: "This is the most depressing thing I've ever seen. I am 26 years old, I had previously considered myself a 'young' person. I now feel totally ancient."

Another added: "I was only born in 1994 and now I feel old. I still have tapes from when I was a kid too."

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