WATCH: Best viral videos of 2014

From daredevils to dogs, kisses to pranks, it's time to look back over the best viral videos of 2014 - in one epic mashup clip


by Kayleigh Dray |
Published on

If you haven't been glued to YouTube this year, you've been missing out - majorly.

There were dancers so amazing that they made our eyes boggle, daredevils so extreme that our jaws dropped to the ground.

One grandmother on her first roller coaster guide took us on a wildly exuberant journey, a group of strangers taught us everything we need to know about kissing, and we laughed a LOT at cute babies, dogs, cats, and animals.

Strangers kissed on camera, Bill Gates took the Ice Bucket Challenge and athletes everywhere pushed the boundaries of what we thought was possible.

Yup, it was a seriously good year for amazing must-see videos.

But don't worry - because, if you missed it, the 233 best video clips have been rounded up into a new year-end compilation video by YouTuber Luc Bergeron, aka Zapatou.

Check it out:

Inspiring, hilarious, adorable, nail-biting - so many emotions, so little time!

We hope 2015 brings us just as many unmissable viral videos...

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