WATCH: Airbnb trolled mercilessly online over ‘creepy horror movie’ advert

This advert has been dubbed one of the creepiest of all time - but what do you think of it?

WATCH: Airbnb trolled mercilessly online over ‘creepy horror movie’ advert

by Kayleigh Dray |
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Airbnb had no idea of the uproar they’d cause on social media after sharing their new ad, titled “Is Mankind?”

Set to a dreamy and unsettling score, the ad features a young baby toddling through a shadowy corridor, making his way slowly towards a glass door.

Speaking softly, voice barely a whisper, the narrator asks: “Are we good?

“Go see. Go look through their windows so you can understand their views.

“Sit at their tables so you can share their tastes.

“Go sleep in their beds, so that you may know their dreams…”

Check it out for yourself:

The lines, which were later shared on Twitter by the travel company, seemed to be pretty simple.

They’re all about the fact that Airbnb hosts are everyday humans just like you, allowing strangers into their home to lay their heads for the night is an act of kindness.

But, when taken out of context, the ad’s message seems to be… well, it seems to be a little creepy.

More than a little creepy, actually.

And Twitter were quick to pounce on it and tell Airbnb so, too!

Trying to explain themselves, Airbnb chief marketing officer Jonathan Mildenhall told Fast Company: “We took kindness as something that is transformational about staying with an Airbnb host, and working with our agency tried to build a campaign around the value of kindness.”

Hmm. That kinda got a little bit lost in translation, to be honest.

Never mind, the message remains clear:

Sleep in their beds…

… so you may know their dreams.

Sleep well, guys.

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