VIDEO: Watch a flock of baby goats going for a run

You know when it’s a nice day sometimes there’s nothing better than taking the dog(s) out for a run, right?


by Jack White |
Published on

Well imagine if you got a take a whole load of baby goats for a run instead. For two very lucky girls, this dream is a reality.

The clip shows the girls running out of a barn, being chased by a flock of the most adorable baby goats.

Looking like they’re having a blast, the cute goats run happily down to the end of the field bleating away, before turning and running back into the barn.

We love the idea of the baby goats being let to run free, we couldn’t imagine a better or more fun way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon than chilling out with them.

It’s safe to say we are extremely jealous of the two girls and, after watching the clip, would consider moving to a farm if it meant getting to hang out with cute baby animals all day.

There are so many of them though, that we can’t imagine it’s very fun having to clean up after them…

Watch the adorable video and let us know your thoughts via the comments box below.

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