VIDEO: Watch the explosive EastEnders Christmas trailer

Christmas in Albert Square is never a jolly time and this year looks set to be just as dramatic.


by Jack White |
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In an explosive new trailer, there are threats, a warning to Lucy Beale's killer and a car crash thrown in for good measure.

The clip shows rapist Dean Wicks scarily threatening victim Linda Carter, suggesting he will tell her husband Mick the truth about the baby she is carrying.

Didn't anyone ever tell nasty Nick Cotton NEVER to mess with Ronnie Mitchell? Apparently not, as she's seen hinting to him exactly what she is capable of.

We all know she's killed before and was prepared to do it again. Could this be the end of the road for Dot's son?

And Emma Summerhayes knows who killed Lucy, but who could it be? She makes a phone call after discovering what looks like crucial evidence in the Branning household.

Is the truth about Linda's rape finally going to come out? He's seen flying into a rage before marching off down Bridge Street – just before crashes right outside the VIc. But who was driving it?

Watch the clip and let us know your thoughts below now!

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