VIDEO: Puppy discovers a new way to get down stairs

If you've ever seen a dog hesitating at the top of a flight of stairs, you just instinctively know they're trying to figure out how to go down them.


by Closer Staff |

Some pooches dither and wait for their owner to come and pick them up, while others do a weird crab-like sideways walk and carefully pick out their next step, all the while wondering why humans have such strange inventions to get them higher off the ground.

But check out this young pup, who has worked out a brand new way to transport himself around the family home.

The chocolate Labrador flattens himself out and launches himself down the steps, his tail bounching off every step.

While the males out there might be wincing at the canine’s unorthodox method, he clearly thinks nothing of throwing himself up and down the stairs everyday.

Closer verdict? Very, very cute.

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