VIDEO: Meet the ‘depressed’ goat that went on hunger strike after being separated from its donkey best friend

This video shows the heart-warming story of Mr G, the goat, and Jellybean, the donkey, who are such good friends that they can’t bare to be apart from each other.


by Jack White |
Published on

When Mr G was rescued from being kept in bad conditions by US welfare officers, he was devastated to be taken away from Jellybean.

He went off to one animal sanctuary, while Jellybean went to another and, although no longer living in the squalid conditions, he just wasn’t happy without his best mate.

So he went on hunger strike – seriously. For six days, Mr G sat sadly in the corner of his pen and refused to eat anything including treats, or go outside.

In the clip, it says that Mr G was ‘extremely depressed, but otherwise completely healthy’.

Eventually a nice volunteer from the sanctuary decided something needed to be done and drove the 14 hour journey to bring Jellybean to Mr G.

Amazingly, Mr G stopped being sad as soon as he heard Jellybean arrive. He perked up before running outside to greet his friend.

This amazing video shows the whole story and proves that friendships don’t just exist among humans or same-species animals.

Watch the clip and let us know your thoughts via the comments box below.

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