VIDEO: Kids have the best reaction to the worst Christmas presents

Pranking kids is always fun, right?


by Jack White |
Published on

One dad decided to trick his children into thinking Santa had brought them the worst Christmas presents ever.

First of all dad got the boy and girl all hyped up by making them remember the toys they'd actually asked for.

Then he told them, because they had been really good, he was going to let them open one present early.

So the excited children ripped open their presents to discover… a banana and an onion.

Definitely not the Ben 10 watch and Barbie princess and King Ken as requested.

But were these kids upset? Not at all.

They were smiling and laughing with their rubbish fruit and veg presents, and even said a big thank you for them.

Moral of the story? You can buy your kids anything and they'll be happy!

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