VIDEO: These cute Dachshund puppies are SO happy it’s Friday!

This video of these gorgeous Dachshund puppies having a bath has made our day...


by Kayleigh Dray |
Published on

Get ready for a serious overload of cuteness.

Puppies, as everyone knows, hate having baths. They hate it. Wrestling them into a tub, let along convincing them to splash about and get clean, is like wrestling an alligator with severe intolerance to H20.

We've seen puppies claw their way up walls to escape, leap from the water with a mad look of terror in their eyes and flounder about so erratically the water ends up all over the ceiling rather than their mucky fur.

Too bad they're not like THESE adorable Dachshund puppies, who love bathtime SO much that they run up the stairs and jump in themselves for a swim.


We especially love the moment when Puppy No 2 leaps into the bath and onto his best friend's head - Puppy No 1 immediately adopts a look of disgust and stops swimming to glare at his excitable companion.

"Be cool," he says with his eyes. "Just be cool, damn it."

Don't listen to him, Puppy No 2. Your happy little nature perfectly sums up our mood for this soggy Friday. Yeah, it's wet outside - but it's the weekend, so we'll be jumping in puddles and making a splash the minute we leave this office!

Have you, just like these puppies, got that happy Friday feeling yet? Let us know how you're planning to spend the weekend via our Comments Box below.

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