VIDEO: Bulldog loves his paddling pool so much he tries to take it inside

We bet a lot of you are enjoying this weekend’s beautiful weather and setting up paddling pools in your gardens.


by Jack White |
Published on

But you have you to watch this adorable video of a bulldog who loves his paddling pool so much that he wants to take it into the house.

Gus is sniffing around the pool, not quite sure, before he takes the plunge and jumps straight in. His little bulldog friend tries to join him but there’s only room for one.

But then Gus has an idea, and he’s probably thinking, ‘It the pool is this much fun out here, I bet it’d be even more fun inside.”

So he sets off, pulling it with his mouth towards the door of the house. His owner can be heard trying to tell him to stop in between laughs.

But his plan hits a problem: the door isn’t wide enough for the pool to just slip straight through.

Gus pulls, he paws but he just can’t get it in. Even the water starting to tip out doesn’t stop him, he just keeps on trying.

Eventually all of the water is gone and Gus manages to flip the pool on it’s side and take it in.

We’re glad we didn’t see his sad face when he realised it wasn’t as fun without the water.

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