Twerking is over: Watch as the dance trend crashes and burns (literally) in this hilarious video

Ready to watch the biggest twerking fail ever? This video makes Miley Cyrus look awesome...


by Kayleigh Dray |
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Miley Cyrus brought twerking to our attention (despite our best efforts) at the MTV VMAs 2013. And, around the same time, the word (which means to dance provocatively) was OFFICIALLY put into the Oxford dictionary.

Throw in the fact that Justin Bieber's collaborating with Mileybird on a song all about the subject, Morgan Freeman used the word on live telly and Harry Styles has had a go at it, and you have a weird, unnecessary craze that doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon.

Except, you know, most of the world is SO over twerking already. Like, seriously over it. So we were pretty happy to see that one girl has given us a very good reason not to try it for ourselves.

Caitlin Heller's hilarious video shows her doing a handstand and twerking up against her door (we know, we know) - when things go horribly wrong. Someone else opens the door, and Caitlin falls backwards, smashes onto a glass coffee table and her trousers catch fire.

Check it out for yourself...

Don't panic, though, as Caitlin seems to have recovered from the "Worst Twerk Fail EVER", posting the video on YouTube and explaining exactly what was going through her mind when she attempted to make like Miley.

"I tried making a sexy twerk video for my boyfriend and things got a little too hot!"

Hmm. Has this put YOU off twerking for good? Let us know via our Comments Box below.

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