Our top tips to beat Blue Monday

Blue Monday is upon us, and according to scientists, the third Monday of January is the bleakest of the year. But what do they know?

Blue Monday

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Ever since the mid-2000s, the third Monday in January has been known as Blue Monday.

Thought to be the most depressing day of the year due to a number of factors, it can make some people feel utterly down in the dumps.

Coined by Dr Cliff Arnall, the theory is based on weather conditions, debt level, time since Christmas, time since failing our new year’s resolutions, low motivational levels and feeling the need to take action. Not to mention that January is about 87432648 days long... We don't know about you, but we can relate!

If you're lucky enough to feel like it's just another day, we're here for that, but if you do feel affected by some of these things, we've got a selection of top tips for you to help you make it through the day.

Get outside

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There's nothing better than a stroll in the great outdoors to clear your mind and help you focus. As well as this, you'll see numerous physical and mental benefits, including healthy bones, reduced stress levels and improved brain function. Even if you just pop out for a walk for 20 minutes at lunch time, it's better than being chained to your desk all day.

Get active

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We know you've heard it time and time again, but exercise really is good for you. Even in the cold January weather, going for a jog or a brisk walk increases happy hormones which can give you a more positive outlook. Regular exercise can also increase your energy levels, reduce the risk of chronic disease, help you maintain a healthy weight and may even help you live longer.

Do positive things

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It's easier said than done, but having an altruistic attitude can breed positivity. Giving out compliments, helping your neighbours, giving clothes or your time to charity - doing good things will improve your emotional wellbeing.

Do something you love

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Nothing says "self-care" quite like doing whatever it is you love most in the world. Whether it's reading, watching films, having a relaxing bath, walking the dog or talking to your friends for hours, plan to be selfish, this Blue Monday.

Plan ahead

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Organising even just the next seven days of your life can make you feel like things are more within your control. Making to-do lists gets the checklist out of your brain and on to paper, which can feel like a relief for many. Discovering your plans and goals for the year can help you to see all the good things coming your way and help you put everything into perspective.

Be social

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There's something about having an evening with your best friends that gives you a rush of positivity, so it's worth scheduling some time in with your nearest and dearest if you're feeling down. Reminisce about old times, plan new adventures and just take a break from reality for a moment.

But, stay OFF social media

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Not only is blue light not great for your eyes, it can also affect your sleep, skin and more. What's more, living your life through a screen can make things become distorted and you can be detached from reality. Give yourself a digital detox today, stay off social media and focus on what's around you.

Get an early night

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Perhaps one of the most important factors in our overall happiness, is sleep. If getting your eight hours is a struggle, it's time to invest some real time into your sleep regime. Put your phone down, read a book, have some soothing tea and try meditation to get your body ready for a good night's rest. You can also purchase some sleep-inducing products like pillow sprays and bath soaks to give you a helping hand.

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