Top 5 must watch box sets on NOW TV

Whilst the kids are off school there’s no better way to unwind after a jam-packed day of entertaining than putting them to bed and settling down in front of a box set to unwind.


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Well, thanks to NOW TV, you can have access to all of your favourite shows with the press of a button. It’s really that simple! With over 250 box sets available on demand, you’ll be spoilt for choice – the only thing you have to do is pick one. So we’ve chosen our five favourite box sets available on NOW TV to help get you started.

New Girl

Newly dumped Jess Day finds unlikely friends in a house share with bachelors Nick, Wilson and Schmidt. Will they be able to help her find love again? Or is it even closer than she thinks? This HILARIOUS comedy with the gorgeously quirky Zooey Deschanel embraces dysfunctional characters and friendships, in a way that really makes you want to be part of the gang.

It’s one of those brilliantly easy shows that before you know it, you’ve watched 5 episodes in a row – perfect box set fodder!


Grab your cowboy boots and saddle up for this rock n roll ride of drama, scandal and betrayal. As young, hot singer Juliette Barnes climbs the charts, veteran country singer Rayna James has to battle to prevent her star from falling. Can they team up and save each other or will their egos and man troubles come between them?

With a cast of genuinely talented singers and performers (Hayden Panetierre, particularly, is a revelation in her best role since Heroes) if the storylines don’t suck you in, the country music certainly will – and even make you consider planning your next holiday stateside!



Based loosely on Mark Wahlberg’s experiences as an up and coming movie star, Entourage follows the story of budding actor Vincent Chase, as he attempts to make a name for himself in LA.

Accompanied by his childhood friends, Vince will experience the highs and lows of the showbiz scene, but luckily always has a few people he can trust – his oldest friends. Perfect for anyone who likes a bit of glitz and glamour, and those that can’t resist a good bromance story.

Plus, the character of movie agent Ari Gold (played masterfully by Mr Selfridge himself, Jeremy Piven) has some of the best and most quotable lines of any recent TV show with entire YouTube channels dedicated to him!

Modern Family

Modern Family

With multiple awards to its name, Modern Family is one of the finest comedies currently on TV. Filmed in mockumentary format, the show follows the lives of the Pritchett-Dunphy-Tucker clan, three related but very different families.

Gone are the 2.4 children style dynamics, with second marriages, gay relationships, and parents madder than their kids, the show gives an honest and often laugh-out-loud insight into what REAL families are like – chaotic, complicated, but always warm.


Each episode of this highly addictive drama shows a day in the life of Jack Bauer [Kiefer Sutherland] of the Counter Terrorist Unit.

It’s fast-paced, and will have you on the edge of your seat as Bauer attempts to foil terrorist plots before it’s too late. Some of his methods are questionable – but anything to get the job done, right?

So what are you waiting for? Grab a NOW TV Entertainment Month Pass and start watching these great box sets and more, instantly. There’s no contract so you can give it a go commitment free.

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