The top 10 best reactions to the recent storms, excessive rain and ridiculously bad weather

Looked out the window at all that bad weather lately? We imagine the expression on your face looks something like this…


by Kayleigh Dray |
Published on
  1. Colin's just seen the weather report for this weekend

  1. The Sanderson sisters are deciding whether they can face going outdoors, like, ever again

  1. Captain Jack just stepped in a puddle. And his foot is all squelchy and wet and gross now

  1. Dorothy just wants to get home - but the traffic is a NIGHTMARE!

  1. All Kim Kardashian wants to do is wear spring florals. THAT'S ALL SHE WANTS!

  1. Britney's trying to stay positive

  1. We just told Emma Stone she can't travel by train to Cornwall…

  1. Tina Fey forgot her umbrella

  1. Cameron Diaz wonders if she'll ever be warm again

  1. And Justin Bieber? He's probably responsible for this whole storm situation, to be honest. Somehow. We just haven't worked out the logistics yet...

Which celebrity expression best sums up your reaction to the bad weather? Let us know via the Comments Box below, stat!

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