Strictly Come Dancing 2016: The best dances, ranked

Not that we like to play favourites, but...

Ed Balls Strictly Come Dancing

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We reckon this year's series of Strictly Come Dancing has been the best yet. And although we've had the fact that this is Len Goodman's final ever series hanging over us (sob), we've enjoyed every minute of it!

The line-up featured someone for everyone, from Hollyoaks hottie Danny Mac to former Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls, and from the positive buzz around the friendships (note: not romantic relationships), to the outstanding dance quality - it's been a total joy to watch.

So to mark the FINAL show, which takes place this Saturday, we thought we'd rank all our favourite dances (really, it was just an excuse to watch them all for the millionth time... don't judge!). Here we go...

**12. Ore Oduba and Joanne Clifton's juicy Jive **

This superb jive earned Ore FOUR TENS in WEEK FOUR. Len described it as 'show stopping, jaw dropping, eye popping jive' and we're inclined to agree.

And some people wonder why he's in the final!

11. Greg Rutherford and Natalie's Paso Doble

He's got that angry face down to a T.

**10. Daisy Lowe and Aljaz's Vienesse Waltz **

Bruno summed this dance up perfectly (in his own special Bruno way!), saying: 'You was floating around like a weightless petal caught in a soft breeze.'

**9. Laura Whitmore & Giovanni's veeeeeery swift Quickstep **

Look at the gorgeous pair making it looks so easy...

**8. Claudia and AJ's raunchy Rumba **

Sadly not raunchy enough to send her through the final (according to the grumpy judges), but definitely hot enough for us sitting at home.

Those leg extensions! What a pro.

**7. Tameka and Gorka's TENSE Tango **

Tameka's tango wasn't deemed good enough to keep her in the competition (she had to perform the dance twice, once in the dreaded dance-off), but we definitely enjoyed it. If only all cops could dance like this...

**6. Louise and Kevin's fabulous Foxtrot **

This dance was Louise at her absolute best, and is basically what we want our Saturday night's to be like. #Glamorous

**5. Judge Rinder & Oksana Platero's cheeky Cha Cha **

The exact moment the whole entire nation fell in love with Judger Rinder. How could you not after this cheeky Cha Cha?

Look at that bod!

**4.Ore and Joanne's AAAAAAMAZING American Smooth **

This perfect routine made Ore (and the rest of the nation) cry REAL TEARS.

3. Louise Redknapp's Argentine Tango

Could they get anymore sexy? Jeez!

**2.Ed and Katya's sensational Gangnam Style Aalsa **

This will be imprinted in our minds until at least 2074. What a champ.

**1. Danny and Oti's Sizzling samba **

The first Samba in Strictly HISTORY to score ten's from every single one of the judges.

Danny also revealed that this Oti's tribal-themed dance was the only time he 'really let go and just had a big old party' on the dance floor.


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