Are you ready to hear this gorgeous pug dog say “I love you”?

This adorable Vine video of an expressive little pug is about to make your day...


by Kayleigh Dray |
Published on

We've reached that point in the day where the seconds roll by at the pace of a sleepy snail. We've done lunch. Lunch is over, lunch has happened and we're moving ON from lunch - but to what? Home time? Dinner time? Bed time?

No wonder the clock seems to be ticking by a lot more s-l-o-w-l-y than it was this morning.

To help get you through this tricky part of the afternoon, we've decided to share an outrageously cute Vine video of a little pug dog making himself heard.

Are you read for this?

He ruvs you. He ruvs you. HE RUVS YOU, GOSH DARN IT!!!

If that doesn't get you through the day, we're not sure what will.

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