Sorry guys – the One Born Every Minute ‘friends with benefits’ couple will NEVER get together


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Jodie Barr has set the record straight on her relationship with baby Harley's dad Stephen Keegan from One Born Every Minute

If you were hoping that the "friends with benefits" couple on Tuesday's instalment of One Born Every Minute would eventually get together, we've got some bad news for you.

Unfortunately, Jodie Barr and Stephen Keegan have absolutely, CATEGORICALLY denied that they'll EVER been in a relationship.

The not-couple, from Liverpool, weren't STRICTLY in a relationship when they conceived their baby. Or ever, really.

Jodie and Stephen were "friends with benefits" when Jodie fell pregnant (Credit:Facebook/ One Born Every Minute) ©Facebook/ One Born Every Minute

But despite that, they'd managed to stay friends (at this point), and he was there with her at the birth.

On the show, Stephen, 22, says how he met Jodie, 19, through his sister as they were friends. He described how they got talking and then their: "Friends with benefits relationship just blossomed. It was fantastic.

"It never was a one night stand - she was just mates with my sister."

He then explains that after having a "bevvy" (alcoholic drink, for those of you who are non-Scousers), they'd get together, saying: "We've all been there I suppose!"

Stephen explained how they met (Credit:Facebook/ One Born Every Minute) ©Facebook/ One Born Every Minute

Throughout the slot on the show, we were shown how Stephen was being really supportive and encouraging to Jodie, who was in the middle of her contractions.

But his phone kept ringing. And who should be on the end of the line but his new girlfriend, Chelsea.

Yep. Awks.

Stephen goes on to say: "I suppose we just want to prove you don't have to be together to make sure you can be there for your children."

Stephen's new girlfriend Chelsea kept ringing him during the labour (Credit:Facebook/ One Born Every Minute) ©Facebook/ One Born Every Minute

So it all seemed very nice and wonderful, and these four - Jodie, baby Harley, Stephen and his new girlfriend Chelsea - would go off and be the best of friends.

Because that's how the world works isn't it!

Of course not.

Viewers commented on photos of Stephen and Jodie together and also a video clip of their slot on the show commenting things like, "I wish these two had gotten together in the end," and "What a caring guy, being there for her."

Stephen with his new girlfriend Chelsea (Credit: Facebook/ Chelsea Jones) ©Facebook/ Chelsea Jones

But in a rather explosive comment-argument last night, Jodie and Chelsea had it out with each other - in the complete view of the public.

Chelsea, 21, wrote back to commenters wishing Stephen and Jodie would get together: "I know it's not my baby and I'm far from jealous, because I'm with him and we're clearly happy together. You all just want her and Ste together, and he told her from the start it would never happen.

"He said he'd be there for his child but she stops him from seeing her so what do you expect, that he's not there for the baby? He never gets to see her!

"They have never been together love, it was a one night stand, not friends with benefits. They had to say that on the telly for her sake! Don't start thinking you can comment on stuff that you don't know the full story of."


Stephen with baby Harley (Credit: Facebook/ Stephen Keegan) ©Facebook/ Stephen Keegan

But Jodie was having none of it. She immediately hit back: "One night stand, Chelsea? I slept with him more than once, love, so obviously he hasn't been truthful.

"I've already admitted that me and Stephen were never together, so you're repeating my words - but one night stand was far from it. I slept with him more than once.

"But I've called him a brilliant dad and defended him so mny times to people, as I've said on previous comments, he's a brilliant dad.

"It's both of our faults because we clash too much. I've admitted I'm in the wrong but you, Chelsea, or your sister, don't even need to be involved in mine and Stephen's baby.

"I'm her mum, he's her dad - not mum, dad and on-the-sideline girlfriend!"

Someone pass the popcorn?!

Stephen and Chelsea together (Credit: Facebook/ Chelsea Jones) ©Facebook/ Chelsea Jones

But that wasn't all. Jodie unleashed it with both barrels: "It wasn't me blowing his phone up, was it, when he was in my mum's house spending time with his daughter? What was it you said to his brother again because he turned his phone off? It's his choice.

"If you really want to start, Chelsea, I'll make sure everything comes out alright. It's my baby, not yours. If you're that bothered, get him to get you pregnant and pop your own out."

It's making our eyes water.

Jodie thinks that they can make it work (Credit:Facebook/ One Born Every Minute) ©Facebook/ One Born Every Minute

She then appeared to calm down a bit, and wrote to a viewer: "We will get there in the end. He's amazing with our daughter, I won't ever doubt that for a second. My little girl knows exactly who her dad is.

"Me and Stephen never used each other at all, we both weren't looking for a relationship - whether it was casual sex or not, both of us said the same thing. We wouldn't change our daughter for the world."

Sadly for you, the comments have all been deleted. But we feel sure that there'll be more back on the posts...

Have you and your baby's father ever fallen out? Did you have a problem with their new partner? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.

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