Ola Jordan reveals BBC bosses tried to ban her outfits deeming them ‘too sexy’

Ola Jordan isn't shy about voicing her opinions about Strictly Come Dancing...

Ola Jordan Strictly Come Dancing

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The Strictly Come Dancing professional - who has now left the show - has revealed that BBC bosses banned her from wearing certain outfits that they thought were 'too sexy'.

Apparently, they had a big problem with Ola wearing her beloved catsuits during dance numbers – even though she came top of the leader board TWICE on the BBC show when she wore them.

She said: “I loved wearing the catsuits but after a while they stopped me. I think they thought they were too sexy.”

A source also elaborated on the claim, telling The Mirror:

“At the time Ola was outraged, she thought it was a fix and another example of how they manipulate votes.

“She felt like the BBC were holding her back by not letting her wear the catsuit again.

“They clearly felt it was an unfair advantage and were manipulating the vote themselves in their own way.”

Ola Jordan Strictly Come Dancing

Ola, who left the show earlier this year after a 10-year-long stretch, has not been shy about voicing her opinions about her time on Strictly.

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After announcing her departure on Twitter, she told The Sun that the voting system 'is rigged'.

She said: “People are over-marked and under-marked.

"In my opinion they know how many votes people scored in the previous weeks and then they try to influence their position on the leaderboard.

"If the show is not fair, it takes the fun out of it."

However, an inside Strictly source has hit back at Ola’s claims, accussing her of "sour grapes".

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They told the Mirror: "This sounds like sour grapes. Ola of all people knows that you top the leader board by doing the best dance, not by wearing a catsuit.

"After all, the year she won Strictly she didn’t wear a catsuit."

A BBC Spokesperson also said: "Strictly isn't the kind of show that ever imposes "bans" and is always happy to work with the dancers on their outfits provided they are fitting for the particular dance they are doing that week."

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