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Neighbours might not be on UK telelvision anymore and we're devastated

Let's be honest when we were younger we all rushed home from school to watch Neighboursbut it's been reported that the Australian based show may no longer be available to watch on UK television.

The show that first aired in the UK in 1986 originally feature on the BBC but moved to Channel 5 in 2008 and now it's been reported that discussions between producers and Channel 5 have come to a halt.


Neighbours Mrs Mangel Dies
The show first aired in the UK in 1986

We don't think we could cope without Neighbours on our TV screens and we’re not the only ones. A petition titled Don't Axe Neighbours!!! has been set up online and currently has over 17,000 signatures.

Even British singer Adele - who recently posted a photo of herself on the set of Neighbours - isn't happy about it potentially being taken off TV. On her tour in Melbourne she opened up to the audition about her recent visit to the set: "When we got down there, I was in my element.

"When I was younger it was on twice a day on the same day, the same episode... so if I was sick off school I got to watch it twice a day, that’s how much of a fan I was."

Adele Neighbours
Adele is a big fan of Neighbours and recently visited the set (Credit: adele) ©Instagram / adele

She continued: "After I posted a picture of me on there, apparently it might be coming off UK television. How bad is that? Isn’t that bad?!"

We totally agree Adele.

Over the years we've seen deaths, weddings, affairs and we've even seen stars such as Liam Hemsworth (who played Josh Taylor), Margot Robbie (as Donna Freedman) and of course Kylie Minogue (as Charlene Robinson) before they became hugely famous.

Speaking of Kylie here's a look back Scott and Charlene's infamous wedding…

You can sign up to the Don't Axe Neighbours!!! petition here.

Are you a fan of Neighbours? How would you feel if it stopped airing on UK television? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter****.

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