This Morning viewers OUTRAGED after Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield’s sex toy review

Viewers were left shocked when This Morning aired a segment testing sex toys before midday

This Morning Phil and Holly discuss sex toys

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This Morning presenters Phillip Schofieldand Holly Willoughby laughed their way through the segment as they discussed an array of sex toys with sex therapist Tracey Cox.

Each of the shown vibrators were tested at home by viewers of the daytime show, who each supplied videos talking about their experience.

The discussion was inspired by Good Housekeeping magazine, which included a feature on women testing out sex toys.

This Morning Phil and Holly discuss sex toys

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Tracey revealed on the show why this was a topic for debate: “The sex toy industry is worth fifty billion US dollars globally, it is big news. You don't have to go in stores, you can order online very privately.

“Fifty Shades of Grey has made sex more mainstream, it's not considered a dodgy thing to do and almost you're considered odd if you don't have a vibrator these days! They introduce fun and variety.”

However, viewers of This Morning took to Twitter to admit that watching a discussion on live daytime TV was totally different to reading about the subject.

But some viewers were rather pleased with the show for airing such a ‘taboo’:

Watch the segment here:

And recently, a mum went viral after she took to Reddit to ask others advice after finding sex toys in her teenage sons room.

Posting to the relationships thread, the mum explained how her son was spending a lot of time in his room recently and when she was putting his washing back in his drawers she found “what seemed to be, well, homemade sex toys”.

She continued: “A lot of things that have gone missing in the couple of months were all in there. I won't go into detail, but it seems like they were made for insertion.”

The single mum reached out to Reddit users to ask if they had advice on how she can approach the subject with her 15 year old, as she was “mostly concerned with his health”.

Many users responded to the thread suggesting she could give her son a voucher to purchase a sex toy online, as the mum revealed her sister suggested a trip to a sex toy shop.

One user praised the mum saying: “You are an awesome mother. I wish my parents had given a f--- what I was into.”

“Just want to say that you're awesome for doing this. It's not an easy step to take I guess,” another said.

One also commented: “You seem like an awesome mom btw. Serious respect for you trying your hardest with your kid and making sure he's loved and protected.”

You can read the full thread here.

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