EXCLUSIVE: Is Melvin Odoom looking for love on Strictly?

We chat to Melvin about his upcoming appearance on the BBC competition…

Melvin Odoom

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Melvin Odoom announced this morning (12 August) that he is taking part in this year’s Strictly Come Dancing and he “literally cannot wait” to get started.

The Kiss FM presenter opened up to Closer Online about keeping his upcoming appearance a secret and what could be in store for him on the show...

“I’ve given away some surprise birthday parties in the past, so trying to keep this a secret was insane,” Melvin admitted.

“Obviously I told my mum, my sister and Ricky and I didn’t tell anyone else, so today feels like such a relief to tell everyone and to be able to talk about it.”

Melvin recently took to social media to share his happy news, alongside an old video of himself dancing whilst on CBBC.

Although used to dressing in up in various outfits (remember that Sinita outfit?), the former Xtra Factor presenter told us that he wants to prove he has got a few moves.

“I have to get my personality across, but at the same time I want people to think ‘you know what, this boy has got some moves on the dance floor’.”

Melvin’s set aside a lot of time in his schedule to dedicate to Strictly, and hopes that he will carry on with dancing after the show.

“Dance is always something I’ve loved, and music is my first passion, and music and dance go hand in hand. So if by the end of it I feel that actually I’m not too bad, I think it’s definitely something I’ll continue to do afterwards,” he explained.

The 36-year-old will be competing in head judge Len Goodman’s last series on the show, and Melvin thinks that will make for an “even bigger show”.

Speaking of Len, Melvin said: “Len is an absolute legend, ever since I’ve watched the show he’s been on it, he’s someone I massively respect and he’s someone I’m gonna want on side when we begin the show.

“The guy knows his stuff, he’s been in the game for a long, long time, so it’s sad to see him go but I’m blessed I’m going to be on the same season as his final show. I’m lucky I get to see him and work with him.”

Joking that he is only 5’5” according to Wikipedia, the DJ admitted that his main worry for the show is being paired with a dancer that is a lot taller than he is.

“I think all the dancers are amazing and I’ve never seen Strictly and seen a dancer I thought I wouldn’t work well with them,” Melvin revealed.

“My main worry is height, I’m not the tallest contestant on the show. I’m like 5’5” on Wikipedia, so I need to ensure that whoever I’m paired up with is someone I can spin around easily and potentially lift up.”

And revealing that he is in fact currently single, could there be a potential romance between Melvin and his partner?

“If a hot dancer wants to go out with me then I can’t hold back the feelings. Who I am to hold back love? I’m just a human being,” Melvin joked.

We would love to see another Strictly couple, wouldn’t you?

It would certainly hot up those Argentine tangos.

Strictly has yet to reveal the full line-up of celebrities taking part in this year’s series, but they have announced a few familiar faces so far.

Are you looking forward to seeing Melvin grace the Strictly dancefloor?

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