How to make your phone battery last longer, tricks to the perfect outdoor selfie and other festival tech tips

Closer shares essential tips to ensure your mobile works to its full potential this summer

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by Closer Staff |
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There’s nothing worse than your phone battery dying and you can’t take that perfect selfie at a festival this summer and worse still, you can’t upload it to Facebook.

But now a dying battery, lack of connectivity et al could be a thing of the past as Closer these insider tricks to maximizing your phone’s potential when having frolics in a field this summer.

How to make your phone battery last all weekend

No charging point when you’re camping? No problem, if you change the basic settings on your phone you can keep the juice going even longer. Close apps you’re not using, turn down the brightness and switching off Bluetooth helps saves on that precious battery life. Also keeping it on airplane mode will also save more battery. At V festival this year there are Virgin Media phone charging points scattered across the site.

To take the perfect selfie at a festival, it’s best to wait until just before sunset

How to take the perfect selfie outdoors

To take the perfect selfie at a festival, it’s best to wait until just before sunset, then when you’re ready to pout and pose face the sun – the low light will give a very flattering affect on your photos. Want to take pictures at nighttime? Download the Torch app - it will light up pictures and give a flattering glow.

**How to get better connectivity at festivals


When you arrive at a festival look out for the hotspots. At V Festival there will be Virgin Media Angels on hand who will help you from anything from helping you to connect your phone to the festival WiFi to carrying your bags to your campsite.

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