Macaulay Culkin explores dark future of Home Alone’s Kevin in new short film

If you love the Home Alone movies, this will probably ruin everything about them for you…


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Macaulay Culkin has revealed what happened to Kevin McCallister after the films – and it’s really dark.

Unsurprisingly, getting left on his own at Christmas not once but twice didn’t do great things for Kevin.

Appearing in Jack Dishel’s new web series , Macaulay, 35, as Kevin, confessed he has a strained relationship with his mother these days.

Kevin didn't do too well after being left alone twice at Christmas
Kevin didn't do too well after being left alone twice at Christmas

He explained: “It’s f%%%ing Christmas, and your whole family goes on vacation and they forget about their eight-year-old f%%%ing son. All by yourself, in the house for a week.

“I had to fend off my house from two psychopath invaders. I was just a kid. I still have nightmares.”

It is also implied Kevin married a drug dealer later in life.

But the bizarre video just gets darker – Kevin is forced to used his love of booby traps when someone attempts to rob their car.

However the situation ends with Kevin running around topless with blood smeared across his body.

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