I’m A Celebrity 2013: Kian Egan may have been crowned KING of the jungle, but Amy Willerton is Joey Essex’s queen

Kian Egan narrowly beat David Emanuel to be crowned the winner of I'm A Celebrity 2013, as Joey Essex reveals that "it was fate" for him and Amy Willerton…


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I'm A Celebrity 2013 has been a seriously hot topic this year - think contraband, think bullying and think serious drama - but it all came to an end last night when Westlife's Kian Egan was crowned King of the Jungle.

As Ant and Dec announced the result - leaving fashion designer David Emanuel in second place - a shocked Egan said: “I honestly don’t know what to say.

“Everybody in here deserves to be in this chair, because it’s been such a team effort.

“None of us would have got through it without each other. Everybody in here is a king or queen. There’s nothing else to it for me.”


What a gracious winner! And we loved seeing David and Kian sit down to a seriously lush last meal together in last night's episode, supping on salmon and fillet steak (David), or pizza and cheeseburger (Kian) in a lonely jungle camp.

While Kian described the experience as being "way beyond my expectations", David - a worthy runner-up - confessed that he hadn't realised jungle life would be quite so tough.

He said: “I have watched the show before but I thought the whole thing was staged, I didn’t think they were going off to a hotel every night but I didn’t imagine we’d be sleeping under the stars.

“I had no idea about the hunger, I thought people brought in food and cooked it for you, I just thought this would be a bit of a romp!”


David Emanuel was happy to have made it to second place in the I'm A Celebrity 2013 competition

Meanwhile, Joey Essex and Amy Willerton have been having a LOT of fun together in the luxury evictees hotel.

After the pair were voted off I'm A Celebrity in a shock double eviction last Friday night, the duo were quick to tuck into a feast of pizza, chips and other fried food delights.

And Joey wasted no time in posting the photo onto his Twitter account.


Looking good, guys!

The glamorous duo, who became firm friends with secret handshakes in the jungle, have been the subject of a lot of romantic speculation.

And now Joey has revealed to The Sun that he is keen to get to know the Miss Universe beauty better now that there aren't "millions of people watching" their every single move.

“Amy is real caring, she’s easy-going and she’s cool. She’s a really nice girl and I proper like her — like, really like her.

“There was sexual tension but we couldn’t do anything because there isn’t any privacy in there. There are 12 people, cameras and millions of people watching.

It would have been nice to show everyone what is happening with us because we are closer than friends, although we are not in a relationship.

“But it’ll be nice to get to know her on the outside when the cameras aren’t there."

Check out Amy and Joey!

“It was stinky and fishy and I was covered in bugs pretty much every day, so it’s the last place you want to get to know someone proper.

“But now that we’re out, things could be different. Somehow — I don’t know if it was fate — we came out of the camp together.

“I was like, ‘Yes, I’m coming out with Amy, that’s sick.’ It was nice to walk over the bridge with her and we’ve seen each other a lot since."

We'll be keeping our eyes on those two in Wednesday's extra-special I'm A Celebrity - Coming Out episode!

Are you happy that Kian Egan won I'm A Celebrity 2013? Who do you wish had been crowned King or Queen of the Jungle? Comment below and let us know, stat!

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