Love Island: Jess blasts new girl Bethany a ‘sl*g’ in shocking confrontation

War was declared on Love Island last night after new girl Bethany made a memorable entrance


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Just when we thought the dust had settled after Daisy and Naomi’s dramatic entrance into the Love Island compound, the powers-that-be ruffled even more feathers by plonking straight-talking blonde Bethany Rogers into the mix.

It wasn’t long before Bethany directed her energy towards controversial contestant Jess Hayes in one hell of a rant about her public perception.

Bethany fumed: "You are in here for all the wrong reasons, you've gone round every guy in here and you've gone for Omar just for the fact that you want to stay in, that to me is fake."

Jess’s housemates Zoe and Lauren soon defended her, claiming that Bethany had entered the house ‘all guns blazing’ and trying to ‘play God’.

Zoe then blasted the boys for ‘egging’ on the situation and refusing to stand up for Jess.

Bethany confronted Jess in a fierce argument
Bethany confronted Jess in a fierce argument

Jess was forced to spend the night in the secret hideaway- usually reserved for couples- in order to escape Bethany’s wrath.

Waking up in the morning, the wannabe model muttered to herself: “If that girl even tries it today I'm going to lose it.”

She later confided to her housemates: "I do not want this horrible vibe, the villa's turned against me again, because I'm being bad mouthed.

Jon tried to calm down Bethany

"To be honest, after last night I just want to go home… I've kissed one guy in here and that's it, I'm hardly going through all the guys… I'm not going to change who I am.

"I'm in that position where no guy wants to get with me because I'm the most hated person in the world."

Tonight’s episode looks set to be one of the most dramatic yet, with trouble brewing between Naomi and loved-up ‘official’ couple Jon and Hannah.

Tune into Love Island tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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