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To quote the now very famous Brenda from Bristol, who was SO not down for another General Election in 2017, NOT ANOTHER ONE.

Of course, we don't mean that. Where would Hollyoaks be without its plethora of vile villains, we ask you? WHERE? Well, probably still in Chester, but it would be pretty dull.

In true soap fashion, Hollyoaks producers have cast an icon from a rival soap to play their latest villain. According to The Sun, producers have enrolled the help Emmerdale legend Tony Mooney to cause trouble in Chester this summer.

You were hoping we were going to say Gemma Owen, weren't you? Sadly, no; as utterly iconic as that would be.

But still, Emmerdale and Scott & Bailey actor Tony Mooney will do nicely, and is undeniably a big win for the show (not for our fave characters, no doubt, but you know what we mean).

MANCHESTER, UK - MARCH 4, 2012: Actor Tony Mooney. On set filming series two episodes seven & eight of the ITV detective drama Scott & Bailey starring Lesley Sharp (DC Janet Scott) and Suranne Jones (DC Rachel Bailey) filmed in the north Manchester area. (Photo by Peter Dench/Getty Images)

Sadly, we don't know a huge amount Tony's role right now, but what we do know is rather disturbing; in that Tony is set to play a character called Les the Embalmer, which genuinely sounds like the title of a true crime documentary on Netflix that we're way too scared to watch.

Sounds perfect.

This new villain is reportedly an associate of local gangland boss Norma Crow (played by Glynis Barber), so he's unlikely to be a squeaky clean customer. AND, if the rumours are anything to go by, Les is set to start appearing on our screens as early as next week.

While we might have waved goodbye to some much-loved characters, there are a lot more new faces joining the village, after all this is Hollyoaks and there's always someone backstabbing, blackmailing or betraying in town.

So we've rounded together all the residents leaving, arriving and returning to the village this year.


Who's arriving in Hollyoaks this year?

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Emmerdale icon Tony Mooney is set to cause serious trouble in Chester when he steps into the shoes of Les the Embalmer – an associate of Norma Crow – in August. Gulp.

Eric Foster (played by Angus Castle-Doughty)
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Tony and Verity Hutchinson's estranged brother Eric is set to join the village and it won't be long before viewers will discover their complex sibling dynamic. Speaking about joining the show, Angus (who plays the character) said, "From the moment I started, I've felt really welcomed into the fold. Eva [O'Hara] and I clicked straight away - we've had many discussions about our characters' relationship."Eric's upcoming storyline is topical, important, and one which hasn't been covered in soap before, and we are working really hard to do it justice."

Scarlett (played by Susie Amy)
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Luke Morgan's ex-wife Scarlett is set to return to the village later this year and put herself back into the Morgan family drama.Speaking about her return to the show actress Susie Amy said, "So happy to be bringing Scarlett back to Hollyoaks, really looking forward to a brilliant new storyline, and seeing everyone."

Norma (played by Glynis Barber)
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Trouble is heading to Hollyoaks as the soap introduces new character Norma, out for blood as she arrives to the village driving a hearse and demanding to know who has been stealing her money, and it looks like Ste and Sienna are in the firing line…Talking about joining the Channel 4 soap, Glynis says:"I'm really excited to be playing Norma as she's an amazing character. Formidable, complex and taking on the men and leaving them quaking in their boots. The team and cast at Hollyoaks have been incredibly welcoming and I can't wait to get my teeth into the character".

Nadira (played by Ashling O'Shea)
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Nadira, who runs a matchmaking site, is set to form a quick connection with village heartbreaker, Shaq, who is now on a quest to find a marital partner.Talking about joining the Channel 4 soap, Ashling says: "Joining Hollyoaks has been such a surreal experience. I've grown up watching the show, and their hard-hitting storylines, so it's a privilege as an actor to be able to be a part of that legacy."Everyone I've met so far have been so kind and supportive. At the moment, I'm spending the majority of my time annoying Omar! We clicked from the moment we met and I genuinely feel like I've known him for years which is such a bonus as Nadira really has known Shaq for years!"Their relationship is one of my favourite parts about playing Nadira. She has a huge heart, a sarcastic mouth and a lot going on in her mind right now... I can't wait for people to get to know her."

Zoe (played by Garcia Brown)
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Due to rulebreaker Saul being demoted, Zoe arrives to Hollyoaks as their newest detective, but being the granddaughter of Deveraux-family-friend Pearl, she soon settles into the village.Talking about joining the Channel 4 soap, Garcia says:"Joining the Hollyoaks family has been super exhilarating! I didn't know what to expect coming into the show but I felt right at home the moment I got here, and I'm super excited for what's in store."There's more than meets the eye to my character Zoe – she has a lot of exciting moments on screen! I've had the pleasure of joining the Deveraux family and working with such warm and talented individuals like Kelle Bryan, Richard Blackwood, Jorgie Porter, Jennifer Metcalfe, Eva O'Hara & more! I'm so eager for everyone to see what I've been up to."

Zain (played by Jonas Khan)
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Zain will enter the Hollyoaks village after a call for help from the Maalik family following Imran losing his faith. Caring Zain will quickly become the "agony aunt" of the village, especially to Misbah, as sparks soon fly between the pair...Talking about joining the Channel 4 soap, Jonas says: "I'm very excited to be joining a progressive TV show such as Hollyoaks. A programme that always looks to push boundaries. Zain will look to bring some spirituality and guidance to the Maalik family and rest of the village."

Matt Lapinskas
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Former EastEnders star Matt Lapinskas, who BBC fans might know as Walford bad boy Anthony Moon, joined Hollyoaks' Mallorca episodes earlier this summer. Ahead of his appearance, Digital Spy confirmed that Matt would be playing 'gangster-type’ Alex Ramsden. In April, the Hollyoaks cast visited Mallorca to film scenes for Luke Morgan and Cindy Cunningham's hen and stag dos before they tie the knot.

Who's leaving Hollyoaks in 2022?


Who's leaving Hollyoaks this year?

Becky Quentin (played by Katie McGlynn)
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Just nine months after arriving in Hollyoaks and causing mayhem for Diane Hutchinson and Ollie Morgan, Becky is finally leaving the village. Speaking about the character, actress Katie McGlynn said, "It's been an absolute pleasure playing Becky and getting my teeth into something so different and gritty!"As an actor, to be able to portray someone that has so much likeness to extremely current global issues from conspiracy theories to anti-vaxxers, coronavirus and sinophobia… I really hope the storyline has helped raise some important issues and helps people see how easy it is for someone to be sucked into this whole world of fake news and conspiracy!"

Cher McQueen (played by Bethannie Hare)
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An end of an era for the McQueen family, as Cher exited the soap following Sylver's death. The heartbreaking scenes aired in February 2022, that saw her attend her father's funeral and it all proved too much, especially after Mercedes made a scene. Following an emotional farewell with Yazz (played by Haiesha Mistry), Cher got in a black cab, and broke down in tears as she left Hollyoaks, where she has been since 2020.

Marnie Nightingale (played by Lysette Anthony)
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Marnie was one of the characters that met her maker in the aftermath of the explosion at Salon De Thé. Although she initially seemed to be fine after the accident, Marnie later passed away from a head injury in heartbreaking scenes following a conversation with Donna-Marie Quinn.

Sylver McQueen (played by David Tag)
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Sylver was also killed off in the explosion after rushing into the burning building to save his stepson Bobby. However, tragedy struck when Mercedes' husband was struck by a collapsed beam of wood and became trapped. Although her son Bobby promised he would go to get help, he insisted he didn't see Sylver inside when he left the building.

Celeste Faroe (played by Andrea Ali)
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Celeste was killed after trying to save her brother Toby from the wreckage in the aftermath of the explosion. Debris came crashing down on the pair, leaving Celeste fatally injured.

Trish Minniver (played by Denise Welch)
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After a year in Hollyoaks and rebuilding her relationship with her daughter Maxine, Trish Minniver has left the village. However shortly before her exit, it came to light that Maxine's real dad is Dave - the dad and husband of the new Chen-Williams family.

Who's returning to Hollyoaks in 2022?


Who's returning to Hollyoaks this year?

Lisa Hunter (played by Gemma Atkinson)
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Hollyoaks legend Gemma Atkinson has commenced filming as fan favourite Lisa Hunter, whose shock return to the village leads to dramatic scenes with old friend Zara Morgan. Sadly though, it's only a flying visit as Gemma has revealed her guest role is "very short".

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After her character Marnie Nightingale was killed off, actor Lysette Anthony has had a lot to say about Hollyoaks bosses. Speaking out on Instagram, Lysette told her followers she had "a story to tell" after "18 months of humiliation" behind the scenes.

She also claimed those in charge had been trying to "cancel" her following her response to Rachel Adedeji's claims of backstage racism in 2020.

In a now-deleted post, Lysette wrote, "Ask yourselves this. Why oh why have @hollyoaksofficial EXTENDED my contract a few weeks back until the end of February..? RIP Marnie..etc.. boo hoo.. ??" and later added, "I have been warned by speaking out I may ‘never work in television again’. Ok. Fine. I am retiring. Go f--k yourselves.. my days of abuse are OVER. SHAME ON YOU."

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