You know your party life is coming to an end when…

Do you find yourself doing everything you can to get out of night’s out? Is even the idea of a hangover now too much for you to handle? Then you’ll definitely know what we’re talking about…


by Jack White |
Published on

A hangover now requires days to recover from

If you go out on Friday night, you can sure as hell kiss goodbye to the rest of your weekend

Drinking on work nights is just not possible anymore

How did we used to function after endless tequila and three hours sleep?!

You happily trade nights out with vodka for nights in with tea. Always

What’s not to love?

You notice when bars are too loud

What’s the point in going out if you can’t have a conversation, right?

One night stands? Get away from me, stranger!

Yup, what Crazy Eyes said

You prefer having civilised nights in with your friends

Dinner parties? At least you can get to bed at a reasonable hour…

You pass judgement on your younger siblings/cousins etc for what they were on a night out

“You call that a skirt? Go put some clothes on!”

You love doing actual things on Saturday, rather than being bed-bound with a hangover

9am is now a lie-in and you love it!

You feel guilty if you spend too much on a nights out

You’d rather save that money for important things, like the weekly shop...

To sum up: you no longer see the appeal of standing a bar until 4am, surrounded by strangers and drinking yourself into a coma

And you’re more than ok with that

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