When do the clocks change in 2015?

The clocks are going back, leaving us all in various states of confusion and over-excitement. Here's everything you need to know...


by Kayleigh Dray |
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The clocks are going back - by one hour - on Sunday 25th October at 2am, as we're sure everyone is already aware…


Basically 1 in 3 of us will forget to do anything about this.

Eh, whatever.

Others will run around screeching: "IS IT THE GOOD ONE OR THE BAD ONE?!"

No, but seriously - is it?

Finally we learn that, yes, it's the 'good one'.

We've gained an hour! We've gained an hour IN BED! WE'VE GAINED AN HOUR OF EXTRA SLEEP IN BED!!!

Mmmm, extra sleep.

We're going to be so refreshed that day it's ridiculous.

Except it's harder than we think, because of smartphone alarm clocks.

Listen phone, are you… are you going to automatically go back an hour? Or do I have to tell you to do it? Because if I tell you to do it AND you go back yourself, I'm going to wake up an earlier hour than I need to. But if I don't tell you and you DON'T do it then I'll wake up an hour late.


We just don't know what to do with you, phone. We don't trust you.

Whatever. It'll be fine.

Yup, we're probably going to end up at work an hour early. Best to come to terms with that fact now.

And, whether we got it wrong or not, that imagined extra hour is pretty blissful.

Oh bed, we love you so much.

Too bad that Falling Back isn't all it's cracked up to be, eh?

Mmhmmm, yup. This is actually, when it comes to clocks going back and forward, the Very VERY Bad One.

Because the nights are going to get darker a lot earlier.


And the only small joy we have is that it gets lighter a lot earlier in the morning

Mmhmm, while we're trying to sleep, yeah. Nifty.

Which means we'll be doing a LOT of tossing and turning.

Can't. Sleep. This. Early.

And a lot of hating on our alarm clocks.

Please leave us alone to wallow in our winter blues.

And a lot less going out of the evenings

Don't worry, we'll find a way to keep ourselves entertained indoors.

It might get lonesome.


Because it's properly winter now.


Maybe we should just try hibernating?

Mmmmm, bedtime.

Hardly acceptable to sleep the winter away though, is it?


Guess we better just man up and face this 'orrible winter head on.

Totally all over this shizzle.

Too bad that, just as we get used to it all, the clocks pop forward again.

Oh god, hello losing an hour in bed.

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