Katie Hopkins blasts Blinging Up Baby: ‘We’re paying £100 a week for your baby’s clothes!’

Katie Hopkins has slammed the mums of Blinging up Baby, calling one mum a 'ginga ninja' and another a 'chubster'


by Jessica Anais Rach |
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Katie Hopkins appeared to share the thoughts of many a Twitter user last night, when she provided a running commentary on the spending habits of the mums on the show.

The Channel 5 documentary follows a range of crystal-loving, tutu-buying, spray-tantastic women, who pour all their money into dressing their children like permanent pagaent queens.

The social commentator blasted the mums- one of which spent £800 on a pamper party, complete with Swarovksi crystal-studded Audi toy car for her daughter's sixth birthday, and another who applies fake tan and nails to her tot.

Mother-of-three Katie expressed her rage online, tweeting:

"These #BlingingUpBaby mums are bonks. They all need one thing. A job. Correction. Two things; a job and a hobby."

Channel 5
Channel 5

"All the #BlingingUpBaby mums have two things in common. A love of crystals and a missing husband."

Addressing the seven-year-old getting a spray tan she added:

"Do you have to be a chuffing single mum to think a spray tan for a seven year old is appropriate? GET A GRIP WIMMIN #blingedupbabies".

And one of her most popular tweets questioned who was actually paying for the children's extravagant lifestyle.

"Lisa spends £100 a week on her baby's clothes. She is a part-time care worker. The tax-payer is spending £100 a week on her baby's clothes", Katie tweeted, garnering 445 retweets.

Taking it a step too far, Hopkins went on to mock 6-year-old Frankie, adding:

"What Frankie lacks in looks she makes up for in being obstinate and spoiled. Dream child #blingedupbabies."

Did you watch Blinging Up Baby? Do you agree with Hopkins comments?

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