Jo Joyner on fluffing her EastEnders Live lines: ‘It was a car crash’

Jo Joyner- who plays Tanya Branning in EastEnders - was devastated after fluffing her lines in the live episode


by Kayleigh Dray |
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The actress returned to EastEnders last week for the live episodes, where she reposed her role as Tanya Branning.

But Jo Joyner, in an unfortunate slip of the tongue, found herself the subject of social media ridicule after she fluffed her lines.

Instead of asking "how's Ian?", as was in the script, she accidentally asked "how's Adam?" - mixing up Adam Woodyatt's real name with that of his character, Ian Beale.

Unsure how to respond, Laurie Brett - who plays Jane - looked down at the floor awkwardly, highlighting the mistake further.

No, speaking about the experience, the 37-year-old said: "It was like an out of body experience, like a car crash really.

"As I'm saying 'Adam' I can hear myself tailing off, because I came out of my head and went, 'Well there's no getting out of that.”

Jo admitted that she started hyperventilating when the scene was over, adding, "I had a little cry when they cut.”

Thankfully, despite fans quickly picking up on the incident - and HowsAdam swiftly becoming a hashtag on Twitter - Jo found the strength to return to the set the next day.

She said: “I'm just so blessed to have such great Twitter followers, such great friends and family and such a great cast and crew who just couldn't have been more supportive, otherwise there's absolutely no way I would have gone back out the next day."

We're glad she did; everyone does make mistakes, after all - and the show's 30th anniversary celebrations just wouldn't have been the same without a face-off between Tanya and Max Branning, would they?

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