Did Jane kill Lucy Beale? EastEnders spoilers reveal she can’t face her step-daughter’s funeral

New EastEnders spoilers have revealed that Jane can't face going to the funeral of step-daughter Lucy Beale - but did she really kill her?


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EastEnders fans are desperately trying to figure out who killed Lucy Beale, but plenty of the soap's longtime viewers have pointed the finger squarely at Ian's ex-wife, Jane.

And now it seems as if things will get even more complicated when Jane admits she can't face going to the funeral of former step-daughter Lucy.

In photo spoilers, Jane can be seen looking pale and distraught in the BBC soap as she is pictured on the sofa with her brother Christian discussing the upcoming funeral.

Christian comforts Jane as she reveals she can't face attending Lucy Beale's funeral
Christian comforts Jane as she reveals she can't face attending Lucy Beale's funeral

We wonder if she will make it to the graveyard to bid Lucy a final farewell?

While Lauren Branning is convinced Jake Wood was Lucy's killer, more and more people are starting to suspect Jane of lashing out in a moment of anger and accidentally killing her step-daughter.

So why has she become a suspect?

Firstly, Jane Beale was NOT one of the family to leave a message on Lucy's phone that fateful night, despite usually being the mediator of the situation.

Does that mean she'd already tried to calm Lucy down - and failed? Badly?

Secondly, when Jane found the police woman's calling card on the table, she seemed to know that something terrible had happened straight away. Unlike Denise, who clung to optimism, Jane stood by the window and waited for Ian's return.

There's also the fact that she has left Albert Square with Bobby, enjoyed a passionate affair with Ian (surely that could only be inspired by guilt?) and is returning to the soap later this year - just in time for the 'big twist' EastEnders producers have promised us.

The executive producer also revealed: "We decided that the story would be about grief at first, but then slowly get closer and closer, until the focus goes onto the Square and the Beales suddenly realising that actually the killer is amongst them."

"In the run-up towards Christmas time, there's going to be a big twist that will make everyone gasp. That's all I'm going to say!"

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