Hollyoaks spoilers: Porsche McQueen to throw Diane O’Connor to her death?


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Speaking with the Daily Star, Twinnie-Lee Moore - who plays Porsche - explained that her character will push Diane O'Connor out of a window.

It's all because Diane had a one-night stand with Porsche's husband Lockie Campbell, she explained, but the attack was unplanned.

"Porsche ends up in trouble - but not necessarily with the police"

She said: "Porsche pushes Diane, and she slips and falls out of the window.

"But she doesn't mean for it to happen and we don't know if Diane survives."

Twinnie-Lee added: "Poor Porsche is left thinking, 'What have I done?'. Her wedding day was a train crash and her marriage is a train crash. I think Lockie genuinely loves her - he just can't keep it in his pants.

"Then, of course, there's the consequences. Porsche ends up in trouble - but not necessarily with the police."

Hmm - how very cryptic!

Via Channel 4

While Twinnie-Lee and Alex Fletcher - who plays Diane - are good friends away from the cameras, the actress admitted that she left her co-star with a minor injury when they were filming the scenes.

She said: "We really went for it. Alex told me to.

"But I did end up leaving her a bruise on her shin. I had to knee her, and I did it for real.

"You get to that point in the scene and the emotion takes over."

We guess that means that those dramatic scenes will look VERY real when they're aired on March 10 on Channel 4. Will you be watching?

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