Hollyoaks Christmas spoilers: Will Leela and Louis’ wedding day go ahead?

hollyoaks winter wedding

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Hollyoaks Spoilers: Thursday 27th - Friday 28th December

It's all set to kick off in Hollyoaks on the run up to New Year 2018 and there's two hour-long episodes on December 27th and 28th.

The week begins with Mercedes and Sylver heading out for dinner, meanwhile in the village Liam Donovan and Lisa Loveday go out to celebrate but their dinners end in a disaster.

Elsewhere Ste Hayes is having money troubles but bags himself a new job!

Also it's the winter wedding and as Leela Lomax and Louis Loveday prepare to walk down the aisle, his ex-wife Simone isn't far behind...

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Hollyoaks Spoilers Week 52 2018 - slider and stacked

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Mercedes McQueen and Sylver head out for dinner

Following all the drama at Christmas, Mercedes and Sylver go out for dinner but their plans end up with a disaster.

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hollyoaks winter wedding

Later on in the week she waits for him at The Folly but he doesn't turn up – where is he?

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Liam Donovan and Lisa Loveday celebrate

Elsewhere Lisa and Liam celebrate the fact that they've sold all their dodgy vodka but things drama ahead for the pair as they enjoy their dinner.

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Maxine Minniver is in love

Also in the village, Maxine falls head over heels for Damon Kinsella but Sienna Blake is quick to convince her to take things slowly.

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Ste Hayes is having a bad day

Ste Hayes' week gets off to a bad start when he's banned from selling mince pies at The Bean as a result of Yasmine Maalik's flyers. Things go from bad to worse following all his money troubles but luckily Leela steps in and asks him to cater her wedding to Louis Loveday.

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Ste Hayes tries to kiss Jonny

Ste ends his week by trying to kiss Jonny.

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Simone and Louis Loveday KISS

The biggest event set to take part in the village is of course Louis and Leela's wedding day. It all kicks off with Leela full of excitement at her big day, meanwhile Simone isn't ready to let go of her ex-husband and meets him in Price Slice.

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hollyoaks winter wedding

One thing leads to another and the pair end up kissing.Oh boy...

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hollyoaks winter wedding

They're also unaware that Zack has caught them!

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It's Leela Lomax and Louis Loveday's wedding day

The next day it's Leela and Louis' big day but it soon become clear that it will be a drama filled day, especially as all of Louis' secrets begin to unravel for the whole village to see…

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hollyoaks winter wedding

Meanwhile after spotting his parents share a snog in Price Slice, Zack is determined to make the pair reunite and begs his mum to give Louis a second chance to stop the wedding!

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hollyoaks winter wedding

As Leela walks down the aisle and takes Louis' hand, Zack and Simone walk into the ceremony.Will the pair be able to stop the wedding from going ahead?

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hollyoaks winter wedding

Hollyoaks bosses are keeping tight lipped on what goes down but have teased that the wedding is full of violence, tears and affairs. Eek!

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