Hollyoaks spoilers: Lindsey Roscoe is four months pregnant – and guess who’s the baby daddy…


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by Kayleigh Dray |
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Lindsey (Sophie Austin) isn’t just a scheming murderess; the Gloved Hand Killer is also hellbent on destroying Joe Roscoe (Ayden Callaghan) and Mercedes McQueen (Jennifer Metcalfe)’s relationship.

Soap fans watched as the Hollyoaks villain stole a used pregnancy test and left it for Joe to stumble across.

She then emotionally let slip that she was pregnant - and Joe was quick to assume it was his.

We all assumed that she’d be found out for faking the pregnancy eventually, but, as it turns out, the serial killer has a lot of luck on her side.

Yup, you guessed it; she’s genuinely pregnant. But there’s a catch…

She’s four months along.

Which means that Joe couldn’t possibly be her baby’s daddy. In fact, the only person who COULD be the father of her unborn child is Freddie (Charlie Clapham).

As in, yes, the very same Freddie that Lindsey shockingly attempted to kill back in October last year.

Unfortunately for Lindsey (albeit fortunately for Freddie!), her attempt on her husband's life wasn't successful and he was later hidden away in witness protection.

How will she deal with his shock return from the dead? Will she tell him that she’s expecting his baby?

And does she still have feelings for her husband / victim?

Hollyoaks airs weeknights at 6.30pm on Channel 4, with first look screenings at 7pm on E4.

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