Hollyoaks spoilers: the village reels as Kyle Kelly takes his own life

He’d been secretly been battling with his mental health

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Coming up in Hollyoaks, the residents are stunned when they discover Kyle Kelly has taken his own life.

However, things take a turn when the blame for his death shifts from one person to another.

Meanwhile, after opening up to each other, Luke Morgan and Darren Osborne finally make up.

And Jordan Price decides that Juliet Nightingale and Sid Sumners will sell drugs at Hollyoaks High’s environmental fair.

If you want to talk to someone about your mental health, you can call Samaritans on 116 123 or email jo@samaritans.org

Hollyoaks spoilers: Monday 15 June – Tuesday 16 June 2020


Hollyoaks spoilers: the village reel from Kyle Kelly taking his own life

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The week begins with Nancy receiving the shocking news that Kyle has passed away after taking his own life.

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The news affects a lot of the residents in the village and it's not long before everyone's pushing the blame onto each other.

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The following day, Nancy is overrun with visitors and later – feeling frustrated – she argues with Charlie Osborne. As tension boils she ends up smashing his games console.

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Meanwhile, Brooke Hathaway feels anxious following the news about Kyle. As she struggles to understand what's happened, Ollie Morgan manages to step in and calm her down.

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Following their disagreement last week, Luke and Darren open up to each other and make up.

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Luke promises to listen to his best friend and try to understand what he's going through in the future.

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When Darren makes a shocking confession, Luke takes him to the GP immediately and tells Mandy Richardson to meet them there.

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Jordan overhears that students from other schools in the area will attend Hollyoaks High's environmental fair.

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Upon hearing the news he tells Juliet and Sid that they'll have an opportunity to sell drugs to more teenagers in the area.

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Liberty Savage suggests to her sister Sienna Blake that she should get back to work at the school – what will she say?

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Next week's Hollyoaks Favourite episodes will see Craig Dean and John Paul McQueen having sex for the first time.

However, things take a turn when Craig Dean's fiancée Sarah Barnes discovers them together.

And before any of the above, here's everything that'll happen in Hollyoaks this week...

Cher McQueen dramatically arrived at Sylver McQueen and Mercedes McQueen's vow renewal last week. As if tat wasn't enough, next her mum Kelly turns up to the village.

Meanwhile, Kyle begs Nancy Osborne to get back together – but she has some harsh words for him.

Mandy Richardson gives Darren some suggestions on how to help with his depression but he’s not interested.

Later on, Darren hangs out with Luke Morgan and as they begin to open up, Darren confesses he's been battling with depression - how will his friend react?

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