Hollyoaks spoilers: Gloved Hand Killer twist leaves soap fans in shock



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The Gloved Hand Killer’s reign of terror began in January 2015, when Rick Spencer (played by Victor Gardener) was killed in hospital.

Since then, psychotic Will Savage (James Atherton), Mariam Andrews (Helen Lederer) and Phoebe McQueen (Mandeep Gill) have also fallen prey to the soap’s evil slayer.

And, this week, Ashley Davidson (Kierston Wareing) and Dr S’avage (Andrew Greenough) also lost their lives to the murderer with the blue gloves.

However, as armchair detectives across the nation will already be well aware, the Gloved Hand Killer mystery is nearing its climax on Hollyoaks.

But all eyes are FIRMLY on Kim Butterfield.

Yup, in scenes broadcast on E4, Cindy Cunningham visited the police station and told DS Thorpe everything she knows about the Gloved Hand Killer.

Taking his job very seriously (for once), DS Thorper decided to actually investigate Cindy’s claims.

But, when he arrived at Dee Valley, he quickly discovered that someone had burned all of the patient records for the Gloved Hand Killer’s victims.

More incriminatingly still, Ashley’s body had been removed from the mortuary and sent off for cremation.

Sneaky, eh?

We all assumed that the killer would be the one responsible for this big cover-up… which is why it came as a shock when we saw that KIM BUTTERFIELD had been behind it all?

But does this mean that Kim is the Gloved Hand Killer?

Well, the unhinged nurse is no stranger to compulsive lying, scheming, obsessive behaviour, stalking, and general sociopathy.

And, with her mysterious diaries keeping everyone on edge, we can’t help but wonder if she’s maybe penned an entry or two about her secret murderous hobby.

But wouldn’t it be too obvious if she was the Gloved Hand Killer? Wouldn’t it make more sense that she was covering for someone else?

Someone like… oh, we don’t know… her sister, Lindsey?

After all, Lindsey has her fair share of personal demons.

For example, there’s the fact that she was responsible for her sister Kath’s brain damage. And let’s not forget all that business with Doctor Browning’s body.

Plus she has easy access to the victims (she’s one of the hospital’s regular staff), she has dark hair, AND she’s kept her head down for months.

Could all the crazy behaviour of her co-workers have been nothing more than red herrings?

And could she be the ultimate curveball killer?

We guess we’ll have to wait for the big reveal tonight, when the Gloved Hand claims their final victim… and is officially unmasked.

The Gloved Hand Killer will be revealed at 7pm on Weds 21 Oct on E4.

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